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What Does TBT Mean on Instagram?

You might have seen teenagers, bloggers, and influencers using a lot of acronyms, slangs and abbreviations on Instagram and all other social networks. With the time, people are coming up with new slangs of their own just to make social networking even more even.

Lately, many people on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are using an acronym “TBT”, if you have seen it too you might be wondering what it is. The term “TBT” means throwback Thursday. According to a new survey, the brands and influencers are boosting the engagement rate of their Instagram pages by showing videos, audios, and images from the past events.

Whatever you do today is known by everyone because you share your pictures on social networks. However, a more interesting thing would be to be able to look back at the time when you were either a kid and teenger in high school. I must say that old pictures are like gold memories, sometimes when you look at the wedding pictures of your parents you often smile and feel amused to see the trends of that time. Your parents look much younger, energetic and full of life back then. Of course we all are different in young age and time changes everything- our facial features to physique to the way we behave

If you are only using a personal Instagram account to interact only with your parents, loved ones and friends, you would love to share the old family photos with us. Make sure to use the hashtag “TBT” with the posts to let everyone know. You can include the necessary information with the photos as well, such as when those pictures were taken, what was the location and how many people were there etc. It is totally up to you as to what you wish to include to explain an event or celebration day from the past when the pictures were captured.

The engagement rate of your posts about throwback thursday increases itself on the day. You get a better response from your customers, followers and friends. They find it amusing to be able to look at the old times that your photos reflect. So enjoy social networking at its best and use these slangs that are in trends to get more followers and likes on your Instagram pages.

Prerequisites of Throwback Thursday

There are some prerequisites of throwback Thursday that you need to keep in mind. We celebrate birthdays just once in the whole year on a particular day and it is to revive the essence of time. Likewise, when you are following special hashtagging trends on social media, you need to follow some rules such as:

Post on Thursday:

Whether you have a single picture to share or a whole bunch of creative customized collages from the 1980s or even the time before the 1950s, you need to post the content on Thursday only.  Since you are going to use the hashtag “TBT” with it, the content must go live anytime on Thursday to keep the essence of the tag and trend alive.

Sharing The Content:

Another important thing to remember is that whatever you choose to post has to be old. It could be photos and videos from your graduation or prom party in college. It could be about your trip to any country, city, and village in old times. It could be about your childhood memories with your parents and loved ones. And it could also be about your journey on how you got success in years by working hard and doing business. The content whether video, audio or image should be old, related to a location, old-times, events, celebrations, college times, and success. I would say that when you share more about your success story you get more attention. People love to read how you turned your life around by working hard, investing money elsewhere and doing business from scratch.

If you have a business account on Instagram, you can pretty much share all the intricate details of your struggles that come up with the set up. Do you remember the story of McDonald’s and how he started selling burgers on a small level. It’s just a matter of time that his creation became an art worldwide and now there are tons of McDonald’s restaurants throughout the world and not even any other fast food franchise can compete with them.

As a business enterprise, you can present your story in a nice video format to share with the viewers, customers and audience. Tell them when did you start off with the idea, how long did it take for you to make your way up to this point, and what else did you offer back then.

  • You can share the pictures of your business location of old times.
  • Share the old videos where your employees are serving the customers.
  • Show the buildings in which you did set up the business.
  • Share the old television ads, flyers, and posts that you used for the promotion with the hashtag “TBT” (throwback Thursday).
  • Make a video with your success story as it would be more entertaining and inspiring. Motivate these people to do something on their own by struggling hard and putting their money where it has to go.

Response of Throwback Thursday:

It does not matter what social network you are using to share your old stories. People will always love the effort you put into sharing the old events to revive the history.  When you watch those 1980s advertisements on Youtube, you end up thinking how many changes have been made to your system. We have evolved so much, there are no black and white television and ads anymore, you can see the ads in HD colors and they are more entertaining than ever. The idea of progressing from something basic to something extraordinary is highly amusing itself, proving that human beings can do a lot more than we can imagine.

Whenever you share your old content on Instagram with the hashtag “TBT”, you end up having thousands and millions of organic users to your posts. People find it interesting to be able to view the old pictures, videos and photos. Retro fashion is still in trends because ladies love how female fashionistas used to dress up in 50s and 70s. It’s like being modern but then having the opportunity to relive the old times.


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