What Is CM Trading South Africa

Cm trading South Africa offers traders the opportunity to invest in four different account types, each with its own set of features. The Bronze plan has lower minimum deposits but fewer benefits than other plans; it’s perfect for beginners or those who want an essential trading experience! Islamic accounts are popular because they offer Sharia-compliant financing options – something not available through most brokerages today. For ECN traders, there is no need to apply since our firm does not have any connections at all doing business outside North America, so that nothing will be sent overseas without conversion.

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Broker Type

CM Trading is an exciting brokerage firm with some unique features. They have both ECN and non-ECN options for traders who want direct access to deep third party liquidity, but they also charge hefty commissions on top of these services, which can hurt your bottom line if you’re not careful! All in all, I found CM trading serviceable, but there are better brokers out there, so don’t let this one drag you down too far into their abysses.


On the standard commission-free accounts, spreads are slightly higher than what we were hoping to see. On ECN brokerages with no guaranteed stops available and commissions per round trip (opening/closing trades), however, they come down significantly in price as you would expect from an exchange for this type of service. Overall I was pleased by how smoothly my trading went when using XM’s platform. There weren’t any unexpected bumps along the way that could have influenced my decision not to engage third parties or give up some other perceived edge over them!

Getting In Touch

The customer service at CM Trading is professional and available 24/5, Monday to Friday. The live chat agents are not the friendliest or most helpful when you need them but don’t worry because there’s always email support! You can also get in touch by calling their offices on both landline phones as well as using WhatsApp messenger for instant communication with someone who speaks your language–English, Arabic & Russian languages are offered, so choose whichever one works best depending upon where this trader operates from within Dubai Mall Plaza 2 centre along Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Boulevard Roadside near Al Maktoum Bridge intersection towards Financial Center Office Building.

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Trade Conditions

Despite being a market maker, they provide clients with good execution and minimal slippage on stop losses in normal conditions. Sadly, it seems that only the wealthy are treated fairly by this company–no mention of negative balance protection, which all traders would appreciate! We also experienced no blatant price manipulation when trading here, so I cannot give them full approval just yet.


CM Trading’s account structure is tailored to suit clients’ needs, with deposits ranging from $1-$500 million. They offer webinars and E-books across all accounts, which make them an excellent resource for traders at any level who want more information about how they trade their own money in real-time or learn lessons learned by watching others do it well! Even though CM has single FSCA regulations due to its target clientele being African natives, this doesn’t seem bad when you consider your funds will be secure if slow withdrawal times are what keep it salves (the company) offers premium customers instead.

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