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What Makes an Ideal Care Home?

When you are thinking about moving your elderly loved ones into a care home, you might have a few concerns and may not know where to start when looking for the best care home option.

If you are floundering when it comes to finding the perfect care home for the people that you love, here is a short guide to what makes an excellent care home where your loved ones will be healthy and happy.

1.   Location

One of the first considerations that you need to make when you are thinking of moving your loved one into a care home is location. It can be the best care home in the world; however, if it is not close to family and the area where you and your elderly relatives live, your loved ones may not be happy there.

Unless your loved one needs specialist care that can only be offered in a few facilities across the country, it is paramount that you look for a care home that is located close to your home, or that is within easy traveling distance.

This will prevent your loved one from feeling so disorientated and isolated and will ensure that you, alongside their friends and other relatives, can visit them as often as you like.

2.   The Right Care

You may have decided that it is the right time to move your loved one to a care home. However, when it comes to finding the right care home, you need to make sure that it offers the precise care that your relative needs.

Different care homes offer different types of care, and many locations provide more than one option. Finding the right care for your loved one is essential to enabling them to live a full, healthy, and safe life, though. For instance, if your loved one has dementia or Alzheimer’s, they may need memory care where they can be looked after by professionals who have been trained to look after those with the condition.

This will then make sure that your loved ones can get the care and attention they need and deserve. If you are looking for a care home that offers memory care and tailored dementia facilities, you should consider those like Signature care homes, which help patients with dementia, as well as families who need respite care and 24/7 nursing.

3.   Trained Staff

Horror stories about the standard of care that people receive in care facilities may have put you off sending your relative to one. However, there are plenty of great care homes out there that put the welfare of your relative first.

Most of these will have trained staff who have a lot of experience and dedication to the field of healthcare, especially conditions like dementia that primarily affect older people. These staff members are people you can trust and have a good reputation while also offering socialization to residents – not just specialist care.

Of course, not all care homes are made equal, which is why you should conduct research on the care homes on your shortlist beforehand to ensure you send your loved one to a place where they will be treated in a respectful and dignified way and enjoy a fantastic setting where all their needs are met.

4.   Activities and Stimulation

After you have persuaded your loved one to move into a care home and they’ve made the move, it does not mean that they cannot have a bit of fun while they are there. In fact, they should have as much fun as possible; when they are occupied with an exciting activity, they are much less likely to develop dementia or experience worsened health.

Activities and interactions with residents are vital, which is why you should try to find a care home for your loved one that offers days out, activities, and events for the people that are in their care, which can stimulate and engage their brains.

For instance, many care homes decide to host themed events, book special guests, and even theater companies to come in and entertain the residents. On a daily basis, most also run fun activities, from jigsaw puzzles to karaoke and craft sessions. Such activities can help make your loved one’s life much more than just their ill health and old age.

5.   Environment

An ideal care home is also one that is situated in a beautiful environment, with lovely gardens and outdoor spaces, while having spacious, clean, and adapted rooms that can meet the needs of elderly residents.

After all, a proper care home equipped with great facilities and amenities can make your loved one feel as if they are in their home away from home. The result? Feeling at home ensures your loved one will not miss their original home as much and will prevent them from constantly waiting to get out of care and go home – which isn’t always possible for some residents, sadly.


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