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Doctors: Improve Your Medical Service Website with These 5 Digital Marketing Strategies

As a doctor, you must build a better online presence to reach potential patients and get them to your door.

In contrast to other local businesses, doctors need a different strategy for their digital marketing.

Digital marketing agency experts know that that online marketing for medical professionals can be highly complex, and it can take a lot of time and effort to show your prospects that you are trustworthy via online channels.

Stick to the end of this article to learn the top digital marketing tips for doctors from medical marketing professionals.

  1. Search for yourself on Google

According to experts, even before building a digital marketing strategy, you must search for yourself to overview your practice on online searches from the consumers’ perspective.

Referrals are the most common way patients will hear about your name.

But bear in mind that a potential patient will check out your website to know more about you and the services you offer.

There is a big chance that the patient will be researching your practice before committing. Nearly a third of patients search for and check out a doctor’s reputation online.

Digital marketing agency experts know that you must analyse your online presence through the eyes of someone who is researching you. It will give you an idea of where to start when embarking on your digital marketing campaign.

  1. Engage with your social media following

Perhaps you need to post more frequently and engage with your social media audience.

A majority of medical professionals underestimate the power of social media to bring patients to their door. But bear in mind that patients will utilise the Internet to research your practice.

Therefore, you must share industry-specific articles that provide tips on specific topics and big news in your niche or industry. One example is a dentist can share an article about why you must brush your teeth two times a day.

Remember that patients can now utilise Facebook to search for reviews and recommendations. Social media is a powerful tool that prospects can use to discover your business, so make sure you nurture a presence on social on at least Facebook.

  1. Manage your business and practitioner listings

Ensure that your Google listing is claimed by you and verified for both your business and practitioner listings. Ensure they are both valid, for instance, when the patient searches for either your business name or practitioner’s name.

You will also want to make sure that all other local directories have your listings claimed and validated as well.

It will make it more effortless for potential patients to discover you and choose you. But if you are not managing these critical digital data, you might have an inconsistent presence online, and patients will encounter wrong information when trying to contact you.

  1. Establish a review marketing strategy for your medical practice

Doctors must have current positive reviews boost their reputation as the best choice for potential patients. Try to solicit reviews for at least Google and Facebook. Even if your practice is visible in local search results, but without recent positive reviews, you will not be a trustworthy choice.

  1. Don’t neglect reviews on social media.

It would be best to utilise social media to create a brand voice and demand for your service. Bear in mind that patients can check reviews on Facebook. Positive reviews on your Facebook profile show that you are professional and trustworthy.

To increase your reviews on Facebook, you can have someone in your practice request patients to review you or your practice. This strategy can work for other review platforms such as Google.


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