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Why Do You Need A Creative Agency On Your Social Networks?

Being on social networks is one thing and standing out in them is another. On which side do you want your brand to be? The answer will depend on how much you have invested in creativity. Here we tell you how the work of a digital creative agency can have a great impact on your brand on social networks and we show you real cases.

The best thing to do to make such an important decision is to find out if you want a creative agency at your side or one that focuses only on programming and uploading a lot of content, without thinking about a specific social media management strategy.

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How Can A Creative Agency Help You With Your Social Networks?

1- Betting On Strategic Thinking

Your creative agency must have a plan, that is, creativity yes, but aligned with the objectives of your brand. What every CMO should receive from their creative agency is a holistic creative strategy focused on what is important to their brand. No lurching or nonsense to waste time for both parties.

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2- Providing Fresh And Innovative Ideas

The hardest part when running any type of social media campaign is coming up with new ideas. And this is where a creative advertising agency can help you take advantage of social networks from a different point of view. The reason is that in addition to knowing its operation well, they will always try to go one step further.

For example, if photos and videos are important on Instagram, what can be done with them? If copy prevails on Twitter, how do you write a message that captures attention? And so, with all the functionalities that each social network can offer us.

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As you well know, your followers always expect new content. Nobody wants to see similar posts over and over as if they are trapped in time. Therefore, the best asset of brands to gain notoriety and achieve the conversion so dreamed of on social networks is to offer innovative content full of creativity.

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3- Sharing Content With A Surprising And Flawless Execution

When a campaign on social networks is executed in an original, creative and memorable way, the messages permeate with consumers, making the brand remain in their minds as a realistic purchase option.

To begin with, think that behind the management of social networks there is video production, photography, retouching, design, copy, web positioning … But as always, the advertiser must also do their part. To begin with, you must give the agency a margin of confidence and be brave to explore different solutions always with high-quality execution so that the end result is flawless.

And we could not forget Oreo, which to celebrate its centenary published 100 days of creative views of its cookie on Facebook, increasing its number of followers to 29 million, increasing interactions by 110% and appearing on more than 180 thousand web pages.

To conclude, remember that when it comes to social networks, having a community of followers active and involved with your brand requires much more than a unilateral message strategy as we hve already told you in our posts.Improve the engagement of your clients in social networks.

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