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How To Make Incense?

Fragrances and scents are gradually becoming an essential component of everyday life and interior decorating of places. There is undoubtedly an aesthetic element to it that adds to the beauty and ambience of the space, but there are also clear health benefits of scents.

Incense is a popular form of scents used at present along with diffusers and scented candles. These means are popular today because scents transform an environment into a more lovely and welcoming place, and also a lot of scents have healing and calming attributes.

You can boost your creativity by trying your hand at DIY incense making with the help of incense ocean incense making guide. This is not a very complex procedure as you might have anticipated but a rather simple one and will produce top-notch incense (Incense waterfall) if done correctly. It is a step by step to make it simpler and easier for you to follow.

Incense Making

We usually start the process by making a “non-combustible” mixture which is also known as a “loose” mixture. This mixture is made by using two or more naturally aromatic substances in powdered, ground or granular forms. These substances can include seeds, herbs, flowers, resins, bark, gums and spices etc.

Step 1:  Measure and Grind

You can either measure the ingredients on a weight scale or you can measure by volume which will be done by measuring cups and spoons. If using a weight scale, use one that measures in grams. When measuring by volume, use spoons of 1/4 TSP, 1/2 TSP or one full 1TSP and also 1TBSP.

Grind the ingredients and then measure them once again in their crushed form to get a more accurate measurement.

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Step 2: Mix the Ingredients


Mix the two or more ground and crushed materials and then grind them together for a little bit so that the scents or aromas are properly merged. Use mortar with a pestle to crush further any little pieces left and make sure it’s a finely ground mixture.

Step 3: Heat It and Observe


Now you have accomplished creating a “non-combustible” or as more commonly called a “loose” mixture of incense. Before you plan on further designing the incense into cones, trails, sticks, pellets or molds etc according to your preference, you need to check if it’s according to your taste. If you do not like the incense produced, you can make adjustments before moving further with it.

Incense ocean provides with different ways to heat your incense including an incense stove, incense trails and incense charcoal.

Step 4: Adjust the Recipe

Once you have heated a portion for the purpose of testing and observing, you can make adjustments to the rest if the original recipe is not according to your taste and preference. You can do so by adding or reducing the amount of ingredients or adding a new ingredient to the mix.

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Step 5: Let It Age

Put it inside a ceramic jar and place inside a cool and dry space like a drawer or a closet. Let it age for a few days or even weeks. The longer it is aged, the more blended and concentrated the scent is.


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