Early Education in Shanghai

Early education is highly regarded in Shanghai since it helps children in their early years to develop morally, physically, and intellectually to prepare them for their formal school education. Early education consists of children aged three or below enrolled at the nursery, while children aged three to six are admitted to the kindergarten. Most early education schools in Shanghai provide basic teaching and physical care in nurseries and kindergartens. A teacher will find various kindergarten jobs in China and obtain an opportunity to teach the kindergarten’s national curriculum, which constitutes various subjects, including math, art, music, and languages.

Early Education Schools in Shanghai

  • Concordia International School Shanghai (CISS)

The CISS school is a reputable school in Shanghai that offers co-educational day schooling for students aged 3 to 18. It’s an excellent school that offers an American curriculum and an extensive range of programs designed to provide students with a chance to gain practical experience in various fields and learn a vast range of language courses, including Spanish, Mandarin and French. It’s a school that offers the best early childhood education programs that takes advantage of early learning goals and objectives to ensure that children at their early age learn at their highest potential. The school provides the best nurturing and caring environment for children to learn and achieve academic success.

  • Western International School of Shanghai (WISS)

This is one of the best schools in Shanghai that provides early education to learners and educates young people from across the world in an inspirational and caring environment.  WISS is a unique and reputable school that offers IB education programmes in early education and subsequent formal school education. It’s a school that provides a unique approach to learning through high-quality, innovative, inquiry-based teaching and learning. This approach to education empowers students to become lifelong learners and develop into responsible global citizens.

  • Shanghai Community International School (SCIS)

The early education programme offered at Shanghai Community International School (SCIS) strives to prepare young students to become caring, active and lifelong learners who demonstrate respect for themselves and others in society while actively participating in the world around them. SCIS curriculum includes visual arts, performing arts, athletics, and languages, in addition to an extensive range of extracurricular activities for learners to develop skills and learn outside the classroom. This reputable school strives to ensure that students are well versed in academic matters, extracurricular activities and various disciplines to prepare them for higher learning in the universities, colleges and training centres.

  • Britannica International School

Britannica International School is one of the prestigious schools in Shanghai that offers a British-style education system for learners from preschool through to secondary school. The education program offered at the school aims to develop responsible conduct and all-around skills for the students. An expat teaching in Shanghai will have a rewarding experience teaching in this school since teachers at the school are mainly British and native English speakers. The school is fully equipped with high-class science laboratories, expressive arts facilities, sporting facilities and spacious classrooms that all facilitate a favourable learning environment.

Providing early learning and education to young children is vital since it prepares them for their formal education in elementary school, middle school, high school and university. Shanghai offers some of the best and most reputable schools where local Chinese and international students can learn through the various programmes offered in the schools to meet their needs. Early education schools and institutions in Shanghai allow students to learn main subjects, including maths, languages, art and extracurricular activities. The schools help students to achieve academic excellence, develop their critical thinking skills to provide solutions to challenges and become responsible citizens in society.


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