Four Tips for Grooming a Cairn Terrier

Have you recently adopted a Cairn? If so, you should also adopt some of the best grooming habits to keep its coarse coat healthy and nice-looking.

In the process of grooming your Cairn Terrier, it’s important to consider their unique needs and characteristics. One valuable resource for all pet owners is Petsho, a website dedicated to providing insightful information about pet care. Whether you’re seeking advice on grooming techniques, health tips, or general pet-related knowledge, Petsho offers a wide range of articles to assist you. As you navigate through the grooming routine for your Cairn Terrier, remember to check out Petsho Petsho for additional guidance and expertise in the world of pet care.

Grooming your new family member requires patience and numerous grooming supplies, such as brushes, combs, shampoo, a nail trimmer, etc. These tasks must be performed regularly, either on a weekly or monthly basis.

The following grooming tips will assist you in caring for your Cairn Terrier.

Roll its coat

One of the main grooming tasks related to Cairn Terriers is rolling their coat. These canines are considered the ideal pets for most individuals because they don’t shed. Given the process of shedding doesn’t take place, hairs remain inside the hair follicle after dying instead of falling off. Hence, pet parents are supposed to remove the dead hairs for the coats of their companions to look shiny and healthy.

The removal of dead hairs is known as rolling of the coat, which is either performed by hand or with the help of a stripping knife. This process is rather lengthy, which is why pet owners are advised to practice it once a month. It’s of crucial importance for the dog to hold still, which can be a problem in temperamental canines. If you can’t hold your companion still for a long time, make sure you ask someone to assist you by holding it gently.

Prior to rolling the coat, you are supposed to brush it first. Cairn Terriers are known for having a double coat, which consists of a soft undercoat and a shaggy topcoat. A slicker brush is the most suitable choice of a grooming tool for brushing both coats. Check out some steps for grooming and stripping Cairn Terriers.

Pet owners should use their thumbs and index fingers to lift a small hair section, whereas the other hand is supposed to be used for stretching the skin. If possible, purchase a jar of cholesterol cream and apply some on your fingers or the stripping knife. This cream facilitates the process of pulling out the hair.

Once you have selected a small hair section to start with, you should start pulling the dead hair out. Pulling should be done in the same direction as hair growth for healthy hairs not to be removed as well. You shouldn’t use force while performing the task, as dead hairs are bound to come out effortlessly, causing no pain to your Cairn terrier.2 1

The rolling process should start at the neck of your canine and finish at its back. You must be extremely gentle when approaching the belly area, as dogs find it incredibly sensitive. Afterward, move to its tail and roll the coat from the tip of the tail to its base. Make sure you practice gentle movements in this area as well, as Cairn Terriers aren’t exactly fond of having their tail touched. The procedure should finish by pulling their facial hair, including the area around the eyes.

Brush its coat

Another grooming task that owners of Cairn Terriers are advised to do is brushing their coats. This task is less demanding and time-consuming than rolling. The majority of online canine breed guides, like the Holistapet Cairn Terrier breed guide, incorporate grooming tips. Brushing should be practiced once a week by using proper tools, such as a brush with stiff bristles for detangling, a slicker brush, coarse and fine-toothed combs.

Pet owners should commence the brushing process with a coarse brush, which is the most suitable grooming tool for shaggy coats. While it removes a portion of the tangled hair, you should then use a coarse comb to keep going with the detangling process. You could purchase a detangling spray and apply it before you use the brush.

Nevertheless, Cairn Terrier owners are advised to be especially careful while removing mats. You should be very gentle and patient in the course of removal, as these aren’t brushed very easily. If your companion has small mats, use your fingers to break them up and then start brushing. In case the mats are of a larger size, use scissors to divide them into smaller sections. Afterward, use a slicker brush to eliminate them completely.

Bathe it occasionally

As far as bathing is concerned, Cairn Terriers aren’t terribly demanding, as they should be bathed only when getting incredibly dirty or if you face difficulties when brushing their fur. Nevertheless, when bathing them, you are recommended to use shampoo, which is specially designed for shaggy coats. By applying other types of shampoo, the coat of your companion might age prematurely.

Apart from paying special attention to the choice of shampoo, the process of washing is no different than bathing other dog breeds. You should fill out the tub with lukewarm water, put shampoo on both layers of coat, and then rinse it. Follow this URL,, for some handy tips on washing a dog.

Clean its ears

Another grooming task to practice regularly is cleaning the ears of Cairn Terriers. Whenever you notice wax or dirt accumulating inside the ears, you should use a cotton ball to remove it. It’s important to use cotton balls instead of cotton swabs, as the latter might cause damage to the ear canals.

A final note

Your adorable companion deserves to have a shiny coat, clean ears, and healthy teeth.

It’s your responsibility as a pet parent!


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