How Does a Spread Work in Live Sports Betting?

The playing field is not always level. The point spread is used for this purpose by sports bettors. When two teams are significantly different in ability, the spread (or line) is utilized to create a level playing field.

Spreads are set by books with the intention of drawing equal wagers on both teams. This article will explain the meaning of the “point spread” and its use on live sports betting Singapore sites.

Point Spread Explained

In sports betting, oddsmakers at bookmakers set a number known as the point spread or “the spread” to act as a handicap between two teams. Spread betting attempts to equalize the playing field between teams of varying skill levels.

In sports betting, the point spread serves as the ultimate leveler when assessing teams’ relative strengths and weaknesses. It is most popularly utilized for wagering on professional and collegiate football, as well as professional and collegiate basketball.

This concept may go by various names in different sports. The spread is referred to as the “run line” in baseball and the “puck line” in ice hockey, respectively.

Reading a Point Spread

Before you head straight to your favorite live sports betting Singapore platform, let’s first have a look at the point spread example given below to get a feel for what each side and number represent and how to understand a point spread.

Team A VS Team B
+1.5 SPREAD -1.5
-110 -110

The Handicap

Oddsmakers studied both teams and concluded that a single point would likely separate the winners and losers. A 1.5-point handicap was given.

A hook is an additional point added to a betting handicap, such as the 0.5 added to this Over/Under Total. Since half-points are not attainable in major sporting contests, this is only done to avoid the chance of the final score being an exact number.

The Favorite

The oddsmakers think Team B will win, so they’ve set the spread for them to win by a larger margin. The point spread favorites are denoted by a negative sign (-) before their handicap for bettors to see.

The above -1.5 handicap for Team B indicates that bookies give them a more than one-point chance of victory. Team B must win by more than one point for the point spread bet to pay off. If they win by only one point, the bet still loses.

The Underdog

Since Team B is favored by the oddsmakers, Team A is the underdog because they are perceived to have a lower chance of winning. An underdog is represented by a plus symbol (+) before the handicap.

Team A is a +1.5 underdog; therefore, bookies expect them to lose by only 1.5 points. Team A must either cover the point spread or lose by exactly one point for this bet to pay out. This wager would be considered a loss if they lost by two or more points.

The Vig

Sportsbooks typically assign an additional set of odds to bets with handicaps to account for the cost of the wager. The vig or juice is the term used to describe these costs. In the aforementioned scenario, the vigorish (or juice) was set at -110 for both the favorite and the underdog by the bookmaker. It would take a bet of $110 to yield a $100 payout.

Betting Against the Point Spread

You should think carefully about who you believe is going to cover the spread and when you should make your bet (given that the spread could change) before placing one on a point spread. Then, you should know the vig/juice on the spread and your potential payout.

Pick the team you think will win and cover the spread first. Which option, laying the points by betting on the favorite, or taking the points by betting on the underdog, more appeals to you?

Determining a Point Spread

Point spreads are primarily based on the perceived disparity in skill level between the two teams. The point spread for each game is typically determined using the oddsmaker’s own internal estimates of team strengths and weaknesses.

In addition to the teams’ current form, the game’s location, injuries, and the weather all have a role. Now that you’ve learned how Point Spread works, it’s now time to put your knowledge to the test! The best live sports betting Singapore sites have the most favorable spread online and you should take advantage of them today!


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