How to become a cyber athlete?

How do I get on a team?

All teams are available by invitation only. In order to get noticed, players must show the best results in various online and LAN tournaments, play only the strongest opponents and show real determination. At this stage, the team has three main lineups in the disciplines DOTA 2 (Defense of the Ancient), World of Tanks and Starcraft 2. Selection of any player for one of our teams always takes place in three stages. First: the management together with the captain of the team and its core make a decision on the recruitment or the beginning of the test period. Second: identification of specific players professionally suited for the team. Third: a full “test” of each of those players. If the player really fits the team, and everyone wants to continue playing with him, management schedules a final tryout period, at the end of which a decision is made to bring the player into the main roster.

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Typically, experts get to know potentially strong and promising players through play or tournaments. The management of the project receives a lot of letters from various players, but in 98% of cases, the form of treatment or a kind of “resume” shows a lack of any experience and understanding of the field.

The career of a cyber athlete always develops in different ways. If a player develops and progresses, he is assured of a good salary, a lot of travel throughout the CIS and Europe, and the prospect of becoming one of the stars.

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Choice of game

How to become a cyber athlete1

Each progamer has its own narrow specialization. It is important for a beginner to decide right away what game he wants to play. This is necessary in order not to waste energy on unnecessary knowledge and skills. If there is no favorite game, you can choose by popularity. The more famous the discipline, the higher the cash winnings. But the competition in these types is very high.

You have to be goal-oriented, hardworking, open to everything new, actively analyze your own game and mistakes, follow the strongest teams and players in your game, absorbing from them all the best and most relevant, and develop in life in general. People with backbone and character, real individuals become the best, so do not look for easy ways. If there is a desire and aspiration, everything else will harden and develop along the way and in the process of constant training, no “secret” here has never been and will never be.

It is worth soberly assess your strength and motivation – the road can be difficult and completely non-standard. Now I can say with confidence that in this field it is possible to make a lot of money and make many new friends and acquaintances around the world. But to do that, you need to go all the way from an ordinary “amateur” to one of the strongest players at least in your country, and it can be very difficult. That’s why it’s better to weigh everything first, assess your chances, try and, in case of insurmountable difficulties or long stagnation, just leave for other areas, go more clear and beaten paths.


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