How To Grow Cannabis As A House Plant

The legalization of cannabis has brought a revolution in the consumer’s perception. Many people are growing cannabis outdoors and indoors in greenhouses for commercial purposes. However, if getting ready to do commercial farming, you may need to tend some few house plants before taking the plunge.

Growing marijuana is simple and fulfilling. Watching your herb grow green vibrant and leafy should not be a daunting task if you learn the basics. This is a beginners guide for growing cannabis.

Benefits of growing marijuana at home

  • One is in control of the growth factors. When you grow the herb in your living room, you’re in control of the chemicals you use throughout the plant’s lifespan.
  • The plant modifies and cleans the air in the room giving you a fresh atmosphere. Plants take in carbon dioxide and take out oxygen. Gaseous exchange in plants purifies the air thus filling the house with invigorating life.
  • It’s inexpensive. Growing a house plant needs very limited space and equipment to grow. Growing a few herbs does not take a lot of your time and effort. All you need are seeds, water, nutrients, lighting, and soil. Therefore, saving you the trouble of using a lot of your time tending to it.
  • It’s secure. The authorities are known to storm in large cannabis plantations and conduct rigorous operations. However, managing one or two plants is hustle-free. No one needs to know about it and anyway, what’s the catch in cracking the whip because of a single plant.
  • Allows one to learn all theirs is to know about the herb. Growing a single plant allows you to learn how to grow the herb. You can also gauge the yields of a single plant and approximate the future of growing cannabis if intending to go commercial.

How to Grow Houseplant Cannabis

  • The Seed

Buy a sachet of ideal seeds for indoor growing. Confirm the expiry date to ensure you plant a viable seed.

  • Flowering

Marijuana is a flowering plant. Its buds grow annually. The flowering stage is a critical phase because sufficient lighting is needed throughout. Set the plant where it can gain maximum light, at least 12 every day. A plant that flowers prematurely due to insufficient light gives minimal yields, On the other hand, a plant that gets more time gives more yield.

  • Lighting

Natural light is good but a lamp is better. Grow lamps are specifically designed to provide accurate ultraviolet rays for plants. And because you’re growing a single plant, using a grow light is affordable. Additionally, it may be the only expensive item you’ll buy for growing a house plant herb.

  • Temperature and humidity

These two factors fluctuate during the day and night hours. Maintain the surrounding relatively dry for better resin coating on the plant. The temperature should not be too high because the leaves will wither and dry up.

  • Keep the humidity low so the leaves grow broad

Marijuana plants grown in a humid environment have broad leaves that respire better.

  • Ventilation

Humidity is closely related to lighting and ventilation. Ventilation prevents the growth of mold, fungi, and disease-causing medium. Though you’re growing a single plant, keep the plant where there’s free circulation of clean air.


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