How to mix Living and Nonliving Botanical Wall arts to Create a Fresh Style?


The greenery of any time outdoors or indoors always fills you up with happiness and positivity. If you adore natural beauty very much, you can bring it inside your home in many distinctive ways.

Introducing greenery doesn’t mean placing large pots on the floor; you can also fill your wall with magnificent greenery.

Greenery is calming. Thus, wall art that relates to botany could give a similar result. These are energetic, spry, and cheerful. Let’s discuss some unique fresh green wall art forms.

Botanical Gallery Wall



Botanical prints like leaves of all shapes and colors look very soothing on the walls. The green canvas arts are so much in trend with a variety of styles. Be it framed or unframed; the multiple pieces are available in various sizes.

Incorporate different types of green wall decor in all the rooms to create a harmonious balance in your home decor

Leaf Prints

Leaf prints, wondering if they all are alike but have so many differences. The green wall is a celebration of mother nature.

A three-piece canvas hanging over your sofa in the living room with three separate leaves looks like an iconic piece. The backdrop can be white with a spiny leaf, a succulent, or a palm leaf. The variety and detail look incredible.

Many Hues of Green

A gallery wall on your hallway holding all the colors of green will brighten up the space. A seafoam green or an emerald green color, all the shades of green look so refreshing. Mother nature has imparted so much diversity in the flora that you can try so many tones.

Vintage Flora

The floral print is rustic and raw with soft colors and a cream background. It looks like a sketch and looks so incredible. You can frame the canvas and create a gallery wall in your bedroom wall.

Botanical Name Prints



If you have a real passion for flora, you can hang floral prints with botanical names. It is informative and looks so unique and splendid.

A Statement Piece

A single masterpiece of green beauty is enough for one large wall.  A single botanical piece on your accent or sizable wall looks enormous and creates a massive effect.

Mandala Green Prints

Green mandala drawings, which are floral, also shower positivity and peace in your home. The detailing is incredible and looks different and wonderful. You mount them in a prayer room or a meditation corner.

Abstract Minimalistic Prints



Abstract minimalistic floral simple drawings also look very cute. You can hang them on your dining or kitchen room wall.

Living Eco-Friendly Wall

Go out of the box with living moss walls. They are readily available, have low maintenance, and look great on your walls. The moss canvas on the living room, a dramatic moss brick wall on the bathroom, the moss seems extraordinary.

Plant Wall Hangings

You can create a plant wall hanging from old shutters or fancy doors. Repaint them to hang small potters with herbs on your kitchen wall.  Similarly, you can reclaim many new wooden boards to plant succulents, flowers, and spices.

Embroidered Plants

You can embroider some beautiful leaves, dandelion or lavender, or linen. It makes a gorgeous wall hanging. The efforts are worthy, and they provide a beautiful layering to your walls. You can turn it on your personalized gallery wall with all other artworks.

Vintage Linen art

On linen book bags, you can print gorgeous leaves and stick them all to your gallery wall. The colors on linen look so classic. Hang them in your room to show off your eye-catching skills.

Let’s Wrap it

Green wall arts are genuinely superb and if you love this satisfying color or mother nature, introduce them to your walls. All will love the unique idea, and as it is so cheerful, energetic, and calming at the same time.


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