How to take care of your hair at home?


Get smooth and shiny hair ever ready and daily. For that, taking care of them with the following activities, gets you closer to your hair goals. The hair care routine is meant for just that. For proper encouraging results, do not hesitate, slumber to follow some very simple methods and use some products for your hair care. To fall short in any one of these,  costs you with hairfall, roughness, dryness, spilt ends, dandruff, oily hair and so on.

Beginning from the basic physical care of massages and deeper action of micro- nutrients, such as protein and vitamins are covered here. Do not miss to pamper yourself with special focus on the scalp and hair. Beautiful and healthy hair adds to the overall metabolism, well functioning from head to the rest of the body.

Easy to Do and Share

The best part of hair care routine is that, it is very relaxing for your head and aids in blood circulation.

  1. Massage your hair and scalp or let your loved one do it for you. Reverse the position and you both got mutually stress-free and just increased your blood circulation; for enhancing the reach of essential nutrients, waste transportation to body’s exit points.
  2. Oiling coupled with massaging delivers double benefit for hair. Oil regularly if you have dryness prone hair. For oily hair types, oiling externally could be limited for sometimes, when required only. Olive oil, non-sticky coconut oil, argan oil, a bit warmed up lentil oil etc are good for hair massages.
  3. On hot days, moisturize your hair strands with proper Conditioners. And on humid days, avoid moisturizing and go for shampooing 


  1. Keep the massaged oil on the hair and scalp for at least twenty to thirty minutes. Then rinse your hair thoroughly with shampoo and then go for conditioner. Work is done!

Hair Nourishing Products for You

Apart from the physical care you can give your hair, some products nourish and  enhance the quality of hair. The difference is visible at single use to multiple usages.

  1. Hair serums are of thin consistency with essential oil and vitamins, blended for perfect delivery onto the hair strands, scalp and hair follicles.
  2. Hair Shampoos for cleansing excess oil, dirt and sebum from hair. Dandruff removal is mostly addressed here. Soft, shiny and dry hair is the outcome.
  3. Hair Conditioners treat the dryness of hair with their emollient base for soft experience and easy combing.
  4. Hair masks for the ecosystem of hair plus scalp, cleansing and providing nourishment for better growth. Aloe vera, lemon drops, herbal extracts, few drops of olive oil, coconut oil, argan oil used in massages could be added here too.
  5. Hair creams like the facial creams come with food for hair. The protein or collagens are supposed to be delivered by these. They combat thinning and premature breaking of hair strands. 
  6. Hair care gels to treat severe dryness and setting of hair to look sleek, wet, glossy and stylish.
  7. Scalp scrubs for scalp exfoliation, improved blood circulation and robust hair nutrient circulation. 

For coloured hair too, these are safe to use. To confirm it, going through the product description would help. Going for mild products rather than harsh products, for normal types of hair is preferred. But, for oily hair kinds, stronger composition cleansing agents containing hair products are ideal.

The hair care routine with these hair products on a rotational basis, gives desirable results in single use. Some others may make it only after a couple of times. There are many more and forms of hair care products, which you may come across while choosing the right ones for your hair. Storing them in clean and room temperature setting saves them from early expiry, deceleration of its properties through degradation. 

Hair spas in hair salons are beneficial for later stages of hair styling and texture. These are relaxing just like the hair massages with oils. The hair spa uses hair creams and delicate steaming, wrapping of each and every hair strand for better cleansing and healing abilities; on using nourishing products thereafter. Yet these are different from home styled hair care routines. They are solely meant to be done in salons under expert hands and machines.


For your hair to be strong and beautiful, these processes with the correct hair care product application, will certainly give you the best results on hair growth, hygiene; along with  both quantity and improved hair quality. Hair care routines must be carried out without failure on a regular basis to reap the best out of it. Hair care is a very indispensable topic adding laurels to your personality. 


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