How to Play Tien Len in the South At Reputable Bookmaker New88

How to play Southern card game considered by most gamers to be simple and easy to play. However, there are still some new people who still do not know how to play this card. To know how to play this reward card game, don’t forget to follow the article content below.

Grasp the gameplay and rules of the Southern Tien Len game

According to How to play Southern card game There are 3 different processes in a game including dealing, playing cards and finding the winner. Plankshead, the player with 3 spades has the right to play first. Then, from left to right, the next players will perform the blocking step.

In the following games, the winner of the previous game gets the right to play. While playing, you can only use cards of the same set with greater value to block your opponent’s cards. In the case of not being able to block, the bettors will skip their turn and join the game the next turn.

Terminology in the game advances southern

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After receiving the cards, the player will have a fairly short period of time to gather the cards together. Below is the set that bettors will own in each game:

  • Junk: Are individual cards that you cannot use in combination with other cards.
  • Pair: Includes 2 cards with the same number but different suits.
  • Sam Co: A term that refers to a collection of 3 cards with the same numerical value, regardless of suit.
  • Straight: A set consisting of pieces of consecutive value without regard to quality. A complete straight can only be created with at least 3 or more cards.
  • Four of a kind: The case where there are 4 cards of the same number. This is a very valuable collection. According to the way of playing cards, players can use it to block the opponent’s 2nd card.
  • 3 common pairs: Talks about 3 pairs with consecutive numerical values ​​without considering the number part.
  • 4 pairs: In case the player has 4 pairs whose numbers are connected together, it will create 4 pairs.

How to play Tien Len Southern card game at the house

Understanding the basic rules, how to register an account and understanding the services are necessary conditions for bettors. Now let’s find out together.

Basic rules of the game

This game of Tien Tien is a popular game, played with a regular deck of Tien Tien cards. The goal is to create valuable decks, so you can beat your opponents. Basic rules of cards include dealing cards, turns to play and arranging cards in descending order.

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How to register an account and access the game

Players need to register an account on the game’s website. This registration process is simple and quick. Gamers only need to provide basic personal information and ensure age regulations to participate in the game. After that, bettors can play the game through the game’s interface in the house’s game section.

Interface and how to use services on the house’s homepage

The interface of this playground is beautifully designed and makes it easy for players to use. Gamers can easily find features such as choosing cards, playing cards, and participating in game tables. You can also text online with other people chatbox and view play history.

Evolution steps in the game move to the South

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How to upgrade levels and how to pass game levels

On New888 Today, players can upgrade their levels by participating in tournaments and completing assigned tasks. When entering new levels, more difficult challenges will appear, but there is a chance of receiving higher rewards.

Bonuses and rewards during gameplay

 New 88 offers a variety of bonuses and rewards to players that pussy Bonuses when registering or depositing money or when participating in promotions. In addition, the house also organizes its own tournaments and events with attractive bonuses.

Strategies can help players win

Here are the ones How to play Tien Len card game in the South necessary to help players easily easy win:

Understand how to arrange cards and play well

Bettors need to read and analyze each situation, look at the opponent’s cards and comment on the state of the game, then decide how to arrange and play their cards effectively.

Need to have skills in reading and analyzing game situations

These are two very important skills to win. Players need to look at their opponent’s deck, research which pieces the opponent will use, and then make decisions to play effectively.

Know how to use card coordination strategies to get good results

One of the important factors in the card coordination strategy to achieve high results. That’s the advantage when playing the game.

  • Understand how to arrange cards and play well: SArrange the cards in order 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, J, Q, K, 2 and spades < clubs < diamonds < hearts. Bettors need to read and analyze the situation. If you look at your opponent’s cards and see that the card value is small, then you should bet on a card with a higher value.
  • Know how to use card coordination strategies to get good results:One of the important factors is the strategy of combining cards to achieve high results including junk cards (odd cards that cannot be combined with other cards), pair cards (2 cards of the same value such as 10 hearts, 10 diamonds). ), three cards (3 cards of the same value).. Such a combination will make the game more diverse and interesting.

Game Play cards to advance to the South is a popular and loved game at bookmaker New88. Download the game and quickly try it out to discover right away.


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