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How to Write 1000 Words Without Breaking A Sweat

Contrary to popular belief, writing is not at all that easy. One may possess an expansive vocabulary, thorough knowledge about a wide variety of things and even sound grammatical sense. But, when it comes to get those ideas on paper, many writers tend to struggle with delivering a cohesive and engaging piece on time. 

Now, you might be wondering, what else is necessary to be able to write a great write-up within a sensible amount of time?

Well, the answer is quite simple– PRACTICE!

Whether it’s writing or any other sort of skill, it is diligent practicing that makes perfect. Writing 750 to 1000 words daily will do wonders for your writing speed & quality.

But, wait a moment! Unless you are a prolific or professional writer, the chances are high that you will find it quite challenging to write 1000 words from day one itself. 

With that in mind, below is a writing roadmap that will surely aid novice writers with their 1000 word routine.

A Handy Roadmap To Writing 1000 Words Each Day

Let’s get right down to business. One of the first things you need to understand is that you won’t deliver 1000 words or a decent write-up without a proper working plan. This is where a roadmap comes in handy. 

Week 1: Start By Writing Every Day

Even the newest professional do my homework in the block will tell you that it is nonsensical to think that you will deliver 1000 words from the first week itself. (And I believe you already know that!)

  • During Week 1, just let go of all your inhibitions and start writing every day. It doesn’t matter how many words you can write each day of the first week, as long as you write or type at least something (preferably more than one sentence). 

Freewriting is an excellent way to get your writing juices flowing. 

  • Another vital aspect during this period is to develop an efficient writing routine. Find a good time and place for your writing endeavors. Mark this particular period in your daily routine and dedicate yourself entirely to it.

At this stage, do not worry about the quality and focus on writing more words. Write anything; it can be an essay, a movie review, a product review, an article, a blog, formal or informal letters, etc.

Here are certain things to keep in mind, though.

  • Most writers fail to meet their targets and give up prematurely only because of a lack of consistency. They fail even before starting, so make sure to buckle up and take charge.
  • Always remember that getting started is the hardest part. However, once you get started and get into the flow, you will soon find yourself writing hundreds of words and more every passing day.

Week 2: Level Up To 750 Words A Day

Now, it’s time to shift into the next gear. The first week wash all about making a habit of writing consistently every day and slowly improving your speed & capacity. Now that you have got used to writing every day, it is time to increase the output.

Here’s how you can gradually increase your writing capacity. 

  • Day 1: Write 400 words. (assuming you can now write at least 300 words a day, which should not be a significant problem  if you were diligent enough)
  • Day 2: Write 500 words.
  • Day 3: Write 600 words.
  • Day 4: Write 700 words.
  • Day 5: Write 750 words.

Be slow and steady but work towards your goal. Try to write for 2 hours at a stretch with small breaks between each hour.

 By the end of the first week, you should be able to write at least 300 words per day. After that, writing 400 words won’t be a big deal, too though stretching to 600 & then 700 can be a tad difficult.

Keep working and making progress. Embrace all difficulties and challenges & look forward towards the light at the end of the tunnel.

Week 3: Achieving 1k In A Day

Strive on; we are almost there!

Quite surprisingly, the third week is often the easiest one. Once you are getting into the habit of writing daily, you will automatically find the urge to write more and more with each passing day. And If you’re able to write 750 words daily, jumping to 1000 words won’t seem difficult at all. 

Nevertheless, here’s how week three is supposed to look.

  • Day 1: Write 750 words.
  • Day 2: Write 750 words.
  • Day 3: Write 800 words.
  • Day 4: Write 850 words.
  • Day 5: Write 900 words.
  • Day 6: Write 1000 words.

And, there you are! You have reached your goal and are now able to write 1000 words per day. But why stop there?

Week 4: Towards 2000 Words And Beyond

The past three weeks were tough and needed considerable hard work. It is time for much more consistency and makes 1000 words a daily writing habit. 

  • Do not ruin all your progress, and keep up the pace. Work on different tasks, projects and write whenever you find the time. Fluctuations are natural but should not be extensive.


Write 1000 words daily with dedication and keep on doing this for the upcoming weeks till it becomes easy-peasy.

  • Once you’re satisfied with the number of words you’re writing every day, it is time to pay  attention to other concerns such as:
  • What Do To If You Encounter Writer’s Block?
  • How To Get Enough Ideas For Writing?
  • How To Write A Compelling & Engaging Write-Up?
  • How Do I Reach 2000 Words And More In A Day?

Well, those concerns will be addressed in the next edition of this article as that’s all the space we have for today. 

Do use this little guide to start practicing today. And, in case you are struggling to write those essays, assignments and homework on time, then drop a ‘ write my assignment and essay’ requests only at authentic writing services with genuine essay & academic writers.

Author-Bio: Yvonne Landownski is a professional academic and essay writer at, one of the USA’s most prominent educational writing services. 


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