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Renovation of the kitchen in the apartment requires careful preparation. Indeed, in this room there is not only cooking, but also family meals barboun, gatherings with friends, holidays that we remember all our lives. This is a huge functional load! Therefore, after the renovation of the kitchen, we expect to get a comfortable and stylish room that will 100% meet the requirements and expectations of the family.

The complexity of repairing a kitchen is in its technical richness. Planning is of key importance for the kitchen remodeling because all the elements in it are important.

A design project is necessary because it can help turn all your ideas into reality.

Prefer to do your own kitchen renovation moviesverse? Then it’s time to plan carefully. Before you start, check out the basic steps for renovating a kitchen in an apartment.

Kitchen renovation – key stages

Here are the main stages that separate you from the interior of your dream kitchen.


Stage 1: Planning. We create a kitchen design project

At this stage of the kitchen remodeling sacramento in the apartment, measurements are taken. Then, depending on the dimensions of the room and the needs of the owners, the optimal type of kitchen layout is selected . The comfort of the interior and ease of use depend on how rationally the space is planned 9xmovies mom.

It is best to try several options for comparison. If you don’t have enough space when renovating the kitchen in the apartment, try combining it with another room. For example, from the living room! As a result, you will get a spacious and multifunctional kitchen-living room.

If you want to make the kitchen brighter, you can combine it with a balcony and install panoramic windows. The effect will be amazing!

Remodeling the kitchen opens up new possibilities. It is best to enlist the help of a professional architect. Firstly, the legislation imposes restrictions on the possibility of redevelopment in apartments (this primarily concerns the demolition of load-bearing walls – it is strictly prohibited). Secondly, the specialist will offer you such interior options that you did not even know about, and will demonstrate the possibilities of each for your particular room. So you will know for sure that you have taken the maximum out of the kitchen.

Stage 2: Dismantling the old kitchen

Before proceeding to electrical work, dismantling should be carried out. This stage will clear the room of old finishes and communications, turning it into a clean slate. Now you are ready to start transforming the space into the kitchen of your dreams.

Stage 3: Plumbing work

At this stage of the kitchen renovation in the apartment, you need to choose the materials for the water pipes and the method of their installation. Pipes are either laid closer to the walls, or “hidden” inside the walls.

When choosing a material, we advise you to pay attention to metal-plastic, polypropylene and copper.

Stage 4: Wiring

This stage of repair is carried out in accordance with a previously created kitchen design project. The project indicates the location of all electrical appliances and sockets. Moreover, the latter should be in sufficient quantity and easily accessible riley reid and rudy gobert marriage. It is also worth providing wiring for the main and additional lighting of the kitchen.

Stage 5: Ventilation system

The importance of this stage of repair cannot be overestimated. Illiterate installation of the ventilation system has a lot of unpleasant consequences. For example, an increase in temperature and humidity in the kitchen.

The ventilation system must be thought out to the smallest detail and executed in accordance with all technical requirements!

Special attention should be paid to the hood.

Stage 6: Installing windows for renovations in the kitchen

Windows can be installed both before plumbing and electrical work, and after. To protect them from dirt and damage, wrap them with plastic wrap and masking tape.

Stage 7: Finishing work

Stage 8: Installation of baseboards

Stage 9: Installation of furniture, appliances, sinks

At this stage of the kitchen renovation in the apartment, furniture is assembled and equipment is installed. It can be done both with your own hands and turn to professionals.

Stage 10: Installation of the lighting system

The lighting system is key to creating a practical kitchen design. Functional zoning plays a decisive role in it. Lighting is thought out when developing a design project, and all the necessary preparations are carried out during electrical work. After the installation of kitchen furniture tyler perry and meghan markle relationship , the installation of lighting equipment is carried out.

As you can see, the renovation of the kitchen in the apartment is a very responsible and large-scale event. It requires large financial investments, a lot of time and professional training.


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