The Psychology of Luck: How Superstitions Affect Online Gamblers

Since the beginning of the gambling industry, luck has been a major factor, and many gamblers attribute their success to superstitions and beliefs centred on luck. Even if there are no human contacts in online slot casino games gambling, players’ behaviour and decisions might still be heavily influenced by superstitions.

This article will discuss the influences of luck and superstition on internet gamblers, including some psychological factors.

Illusion of Control

Online players are affected by superstitions because they think they are in control. People’s ability to change their luck is partly attributed to their belief in superstitions. The appearance of great confidence could enhance a person’s gaming experience and heightened drive.


Players can think that if they perform a certain ritual or put on a particular article of clothing before beginning an online gambling session, they will have better luck and a higher probability of winning.

Emotional Comfort

Online gamblers can find psychological solace in superstitions. Anxiety and tension are common side effects of gambling due to the game’s built-in element of risk. Superstitious beliefs serve as a coping technique by attributing uncontrollable situations to supernatural or unknowable causes.


One player’s lucky charm is another player’s source of comfort and enhanced enjoyment of their online gambling experience.

Following Pattern

The human brain is wired to recognize patterns, even in random events. Superstitions can form in online gamblers’ minds based on how they observe, regardless of how small those patterns are. By looking for patterns, people tend to believe that they can enhance their fortune by performing certain rituals.


After a string of wins or losses, a player can change their betting strategy or increase their stake size.

Confirmation Bias

Confirmation bias has been shown to provide credibility to superstitions. Superstitious internet gamblers recall situations in which following their superstitious rituals led to a favourable outcome. In doing so, they reinforce their preconceived notions and gloss over the times when their superstitions backfired.


A player’s belief in an article of clothing’s luck-bringing abilities may be strengthened by memories of when they wore the item and won a large jackpot.

Rituals as Focus and Distraction

People who gamble online often resort to superstitions and rituals to take their minds off the game’s inherent randomness and lack of control. Rituals can provide a psychological buffer, diverting one’s attention from one’s worries to something concrete and familiar.


Before beginning an online gambling session, a player may perform pre-gambling rituals, such as reciting a mantra or putting their lucky charms in a specific order.


Superstitions heavily influence online gamblers because they give them a sense of control, emotional comfort, pattern-seeking behaviour, confirmation bias, and a point of focus. Even though no actual casino is present, these mental elements might nevertheless affect a player’s actions. Online gamblers can benefit from an increased awareness of and control over their superstitions and luck biases by reading up on the psychology of luck and superstitions.

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