Tips for asking for the best Ouija number every player must know

Asking for Ouija numbers is no longer a strange thing to the longtime lottery brothers. This is one of the methods to find a number to play the lottery that the average rate is extremely high. So how to ask for an anvil number? Let’s find out with BK88 through the article below

  1. Overview of asking for Ouija numbers

The radix bridge is a good form to find the number of topics that are quite popular in today’s time. It can be said that this is a spiritual and mystical method. No one can explain why it can be so accurate. You can simply understand this method is that you get the number of the dead people by calling their souls back.

Although this is very risky, you can be caught by ghosts if you do wrong Ouija ritual. Therefore, this method is usually only used by those who have too much debt to go to the end of the road. It is because taking this number has a very high winning rate, so many brothers have gotten out of debt.

In addition, currently on BK8 casino, there is also a page to ask for a number in this form so that you can search for luck. Therefore, register for BK8 now to ask for a number from Ouija board.

2.2 How to ask for Ouija number?

If anyone wants to perform Ouija ask for the number of questions, please remember and follow the steps below. You need to read it carefully once before you can do it because if you make one mistake, you will have to suffer unpredictable consequences.

2.3 Prepare equipment for Ouija session

Before applying for the number of questions, you will need to prepare for the Ouija session: A piece of paper and divide this paper into 2 halves. Half of you will write False – True , Yes – No. The other half you will write God – Saint – Ghost – Devil. In the last corner of the paper you will write Thang.

In addition, you will need an extra coin, a bowl of incense, three incense sticks and a table to hold the prayer paper.

2.4 Apply for Ouija board number

To be able to apply for the Ouija board, you will need at least 3 people to participate. First, all 3 people will light incense and put the prepared coin on the Ouija paper that you have written before.

Then each person will use a finger to place the coin face but are not allowed to touch. Finally, pray according to the correct mantra. Remember to ask who the soul is when you finish praying. Then you can say what you want to ask for the number of questions.

Note that you should pray for the number after 22 o’clock and say bang when the coin starts to move. Since this is your dealings with the devil, if you don’t speak up, the devil will be able to take your body


2.5 Some ways to ask for the most accurate Ouija board number

There are many different ways to do it, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Here, let’s go with BK8 to learn some of the most accurate Ouija boards:

Trải nghiệm sòng bài BK8

2.6 Ouija calls her soul away from the party

These are homeless ghosts who suffer from hunger and cold and cannot escape to reincarnate in a new life. According to what the house BK8 has summed up, the percentage of winning players asking for a spirit is extremely high.

But you also need to be careful when communicating with ghosts, you need to be very careful because these ghosts want to return to earth by any means.

2.7 Ouija ask for numbers with the gods

To be able to perform this method of Ouija, you will need to find a shrine to worship a certain god to perform the Ouija request for an anvil. In addition, when performing this Ouija ritual, you should go from 3-5 people to be most effective. And it takes 2 people outside to pull the participant out if there is a problem during the Ouija session.

When praying at a shrine, you need to see which god it is. Avoid the fact that you worship the temples of evil gods that the villagers set up to worship so that this god does not harm people. If during Ouija, you find that this is an evil god, please seal it and cancel it immediately, otherwise you will lose your soul.

Above are all the things that BK8 wants to send to you about asking for Ouija numbers. Hopefully, through this article, you also have a better understanding of this extremely spiritual method of asking for numbers. In addition, you can also join BK8 to be able to receive more attractive BK8 promotions when participating in the Ouija board here.


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