Top 3 Most Popular Scratch Cards Shooting Games

Shooting fish to change rewards has a simple gameplay with extremely high odds. This game has quickly become a stormy name in the Vietnamese gaming community today. Here, 188BET will introduce to players the top 3 most prestigious scratch card game today.

1.What is the game of shooting fish to change scratch cards online?

The game shooting fish to exchange scratch cards is currently attracting a large number of players to participate. It is one of the games that we are most likely to encounter in online game halls. This game owns a lively interface design along with high quality sound.

Besides, it also gives players the experience of the vast ocean space with a variety of marine species. Therefore, this game has been released by many game halls to satisfy the passion of gamers.

2.Top 3 games to shoot fish to exchange scratch cards with quality 2022

To choose a game lobby that provides reputable, quality and safe scratch card shooting game is not easy for new players. Therefore, 188Bet casino will share the top 3 best exchanging fish shooting games today for players to refer to.

2.1 Shooting fish online 188BET

As one of the best shooting fish games to change scratch cards today, 188BET has quickly become the most searched name on online forums. This game owns a large number of members, of which VIP members accounted for 60%. Here you will experience the dramatic fish hunting along with the careful design of the interface background.

The features are arranged logically to make it easier for players to manipulate. Besides, the bonus feature is also carefully invested, providing many different payment methods.

2.2 Fishing 69

When participating in shooting fish 69, players will be able to redeem online rewards through 3 different platforms. Especially, it will be supported to change scratch cards for players who do not want to convert to cash. Therefore, shooting fish 69 has been in the top 3 popular scratch card games today.

Here, players will experience the most modern and advanced features and great preferential policies. Besides, there is also 24/7 consulting support, always ready to be on duty even during the holidays to ensure all players’ questions will be answered in the shortest time. In addition, this game has mini games that are not inferior to the main game. The odds are extremely high.

2.3 Fish hunter

The main fish hunter is one of the game portals to exchange scratch cards that just appeared in early 2021. However, the fish hunter has quickly won favor from the players thanks to the extremely features. modern, fresh.

The security system is always on top, all player data will be secured by encryption combined with layers of thick firewalls. In addition, the policy of incentives and rewards is very diverse. In which, the form of exchanging scratch cards has been used by players the most.

2.4 Tactics when playing fish shooting game to exchange scratch cards

For new players to be able to win in an online fish shooting game, in addition to knowing the rules of the game and how to play, you need to have specific tactics.

2.5 See and choose the first small fish

The first thing you need to do to be effective is that the player needs to pay attention to observe and aim at the fish that have just come out of the table so accurately. Small fish will be easier to kill than big fish. However, players also need to aim accurately and load enough bullets to avoid running out of bullets while in battle.

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2.6 Apply ammo increase strategy

This is the most popular and widely used strategy. In this way, you will slowly increase your ammo, the more bullets you increase, the larger the number of coins you will receive. This strategy is relatively effective, so every player needs to keep it in mind.


2.7 Tactics of shooting in groups

For this strategy, the player needs to determine the target. Choose small schools of fish to shoot instead of large schools. Because the small fish will bring you the expected coins. From there we will accumulate that number of coins to buy larger weapons.

After owning the terrible weapons, you should proceed to aim at the big fish. Use guns and bullets accordingly to quickly destroy them.

The above article is all information about the top 3 best scratch card games in 2022. Hopefully, the above sharing will help you choose the right game to join. Besides, do not forget to register for 188BET to receive more attractive 188BET promotions.


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