The Census of Mobile App of 2021 Declared the Top 5 Video Editing Apps that can Amuse Anyone by the Features

People love to capture the things they love to show them to others and remain as a memory. When people travel to different places, they make beautiful videos capturing the beauty of the site. Then people make videos where they show off their talent such as dancing, cooking, singing etc. Even people make videos to show the entire process of a painting.

Editing a video can make critical to attracting an audience. Editing a video isn’t easy. It may take hours to edit one video, depending on the length of the video. It involves a lot of work such as trimming, re-sequencing clips and adding music, transitions and other special filters. Editing a video requires patience as well as sound editing apps. So five editing apps work like magic, and they are free.

Video Editing Apps

  1. FilmoraGo

In the list of top 5 editing apps, FilmoraGo holds that no1 position. It is a comprehensive video editing app. The app provides impressive features so that you can make brilliant compositions using any clip stored in your phone’s memory. The biggest strength of this app is that it is straightforward to work. There are many tools for you to use, for example, adding transitions,  adjoining music tracks, applying visual themes, etc.

  1. Premiere Rush CC

Adobe has a recently developed all-in-one video editing tool called Premiere Rush CC. It gives an all-in-one video editing solution to the creators; thus, they can edit a video in a short amount of time. Then they can share it on social media platforms such as YouTube. Premiere Rush CC also has some in-depth editing tools. If you switch devices, your work will be automatically synced to the clouds by the app.

  1. VideoShow

Using VideoShow, you get the opportunity to make fun movies. For making, you can use shoot with and store in your device. You can apply different cool filters in any of your videos. And, this is kind of similar to one of the features of Instagram. VideoShow is an excellent choice for video creators searching for convenience and versatility, allowing them to edit their video anytime.

  1. PowerDirector

PowerDirector is helpful for robust video editing tools and functionalities. It is pretty reliable. Users can import, export and edit ultra HD videos that have a 4K resolution.  It allows many unique ways to create impressive video projects. The app is simple with advanced tools similar to professional video editing programs. It is powerful, and the app contains no bug.

  1. Kinemaster

Last but not least, there is a fun editing app named KineMaster. It is straightforward to use. The app consists of lots of powerful tools along with downloadable contents. There are excellent tools to trim, crop your videos perfectly. It is pretty user friendly. This app is a perfect option for beginners.

Not only good editing attracts viewers, but it is also economical. By editing reasonably, you can make your video more fascinating and eye-catching. Editing a video is tough, but practice makes everything easier after some time.


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