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Privacy is always guaranteed at ST666, the house understands what players want most about their information. Therefore, ST666 knows how to create a safe and attractive playground for players while still ensuring the rights of players.

1.Introduction of privacy policy at ST666

At ST666, privacy as well as information security for customers is always the top priority of the house. Even ST666 has invested in a modern technology to protect the safety of all data. ST666 is committed to implementing absolute confidentiality of all personal information of bettors, never disclosing the data to any third parties.

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If there is an exchange between the customer and the ST666, the conversation will be recorded. The purpose is to check the quality of the call, help the bookie improve the service and product.

2.Details about privacy at ST666

In addition to the general provisions mentioned above, bettors need to know the details of ST666’s privacy. This will help you understand how your rights are in the process of participating in the game.

2.1 Player privacy with personal information

Providing information is what users need to do so that the registration, login, deposit and withdrawal operations at the bank are guaranteed. However, members of the ST666 house also have the right to privacy for their personal information:

  • Edit, update when there are changes (can contact customer service for support).
  • You can ask the bookie to delete your personal information when not using the service and ST666 must be responsible for supporting.

2.2 Privacy when participating in betting

Players will have the following rights when participating in betting at ST666:

  • Follow the policies when participating in the lobby. It is possible that each lobby will set different conditions for players. Therefore, please carefully refer to the bet level, game rules, trading policy, etc. before entering.
  • Acts of interfering with each betting result at ST666 will be considered a pretty serious violation that the house has regulated. ST666 will have full authority to handle these conditions.
  • We realize that security is an important factor that bettors at ST666 are extremely concerned about. Therefore, the house has updated the encryption techniques and the most modern information security system.
  • ST666 respects the privacy of players when you participate in any game here. However, members need to ensure that their login and password information is always correct.
  • You are completely unrestricted, but always in control of your own time when participating in ST666, you can place bets any time you want.
  • The house also does not stipulate the amount of capital you must have, depending on your financial ability that the player bets accordingly.
  1. The privacy of the ST666 dealer should be consulted by players

The dealer or the player also has their own rights. Here are the rights that you should hold


3.1 Authority of the ST666 house in providing betting services

ST666 is responsible for providing a variety of attractive games to its members, all games are public with reward rates, the rules of the game are very fair and transparent.

All the information that the player provides at ST666, the house will have the right to synchronize all data for the supplier side. All are secured so players don’t have to worry about any problems.

Most importantly, if fraud is detected, the house will have the full right to stop providing the service and block the accounts of those who violate it.

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3.2 Privacy in the collection of user information

The bookie respects the privacy of each individual customer. Therefore, always make every effort and try to protect all player information in the best way. Information that ST666 will collect from bettors such as:

  • Full name.
  • Phone number.
  • Email.
  • Bank account number.

On the other hand, the system from the bookie can automatically collect and store information related to gamers’ activities on its website such as:

  • History of accessing ST666’s website
  • History of players using services and products from the bookie
  • History of depositing and withdrawing from ST666’s system.

The bookie reserves the right to provide some necessary personal information of players to payment service providers or financial and insurance institutions.

Without ST666’s permission, no one has the right to change, copy, distribute or use the house’s proprietary content.

The security of players’ personal information when participating in online gaming halls is very important. You can be assured of security and privacy policies when coming to ST666. Especially here, you will be delighted to bet money as well as protect your personal information in the safest way.


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