Why Is a Proper Suspension Set Up Important?

Many factors contribute to your vehicle’s safety, handling, stability and overall performance off the road. But its suspension system plays a major role in impacting all these qualities during your ride. That’s why choosing the right suspension components is critical when you’re selecting upgrades for your truck, Jeep or other 4×4 vehicle. In this short guide, you’ll learn some useful advice in customizing your ride’s suspension.

Clearance & Ride Comfort

When thinking about suspension upgrades, ground clearance is an important factor to consider. That’s why it’s vital to take your time and compare options when shopping for a lift kit. You’ll generally find two different kinds on the market:

  • Body lifts, which raise the body away from the vehicle’s frame
  • Suspension lifts, designed to extend a vehicle’s suspension

Body lifts can allow you to equip larger tires and boost your ride height. A suspension lift can do that plus give you better ground clearance. Many serious off-roaders opt for suspension lift kits to install bigger tires and increase ride height. This provides a couple of advantages: a smoother ride and better traction with larger tires and greater ability to see and maneuver for upcoming obstacles. Pro Comp suspension components and kits are an excellent place to start, encompassing everything from shocks and strut assemblies to full suspension kits.

Tuned Suspension For Optimal Performance

Choosing your suspension setup requires picking upgrades that best meet your needs. You may only need to swap out your shocks or struts to get the ride quality you desire. Riders give high marks to King shocks for several reasons: ease of installation, performance and durability. King’s OEM Performance Series models, for instance, incorporate external reservoirs that boost fluid capacity. With better heat dissipation, you get dependable dampening even when the terrain gets extremely rough.

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Getting your vehicle’s suspension to peak performance may involve tuning specific components such as the shock valves. Tuning the overall suspension system calls for more. That’s where a full suspension lift kit may serve you well. Or you could swap out your factory springs. A coil spring lift, for example, comes with longer and stiffer springs to improve contact with driving surfaces. With a coil spring lift, you may also need to replace control arms and track bars to tackle excess vibrations from incorrect pinion angles.

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A Quick Word About Tires

Modifying your suspension shouldn’t be done in a vacuum. When going through the process, you should also consider your tires. Tire and wheel size are two important factors: You may equip bigger wheels and larger tires for improved ground contact and a smoother ride. Adding larger wheels with an extended suspension is a logical choice: Together, they can provide the stability and handling you want while on unpaved terrain.

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Shopping can be one of the fun parts of upgrading your suspension. Whether you want a lift kit, shocks, new coil springs, 37 inch all terrain tires or any other components, you should shop at a trusted aftermarket parts and accessories retailer that specializes in off-roading gear.

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