4 Reasons Why Residential Assisted Living May Be Right for You

There comes a time in the life of most seniors when they have to admit that there are things they can no longer manage without assistance. It varies from person to person and although you may be able to do much of what you did in your younger years, there are certain things you simply can’t manage without a bit of help. If you find that you are experiencing any of the following issues, perhaps it’s time to consider residential assisted living for seniors.

1. Difficulty with Household Chores

Do you find that even taking out the garbage has become a real trial most of the time? Even those 13-gallon kitchen garbage bags become hard to manage, even if they aren’t inordinately heavy. Or, perhaps you can’t bend down to reach and clean the lower shelves in the refrigerator, so you just ignore them for as long as possible.

What about bending down with the dustpan after sweeping the floor? Although it’s no laughing matter, you have to chuckle thinking about how you can bend to sweep the debris into the dustpan but standing up again is the real chore. Getting help with household chores is one of the things residents in assisted living communities really appreciate. For example, residential Sycamore assisted living from Brandywine Living has staff that can help with a wide range of household chores.

2. Keeping Up with Medication Schedules

You may not be suffering from dementia or even the early warning signs but somehow you never seem to be able to stick to a schedule for your medications. More times than you care to count you find extra pills in the daily compartmented case you use and that is worrisome because most of those pills are keeping you alive and well.

3. Problems with Personal Hygiene and Dressing

Sometimes it isn’t taking a shower that is the real problem but rather getting dressed. How often have you tried to bend down to tie a shoe or put on a pair of socks only to remember that you aren’t as limber as you once were? During summer months it isn’t usually a problem because you can wear backless shoes you can simply slip on. Unfortunately, during the cold and snowy months of winter you need heavy socks and warm boots, neither of which you can get on without a struggle – if at all!

4. Lack of Socialization – Loss of Spouse

This is often the case when the death of one spouse precedes the other. The remaining spouse no longer has anyone in the home to talk to and since getting out and about is much more difficult than it ever was, there are times when you can go days or even weeks, without seeing another person. Thankfully you have social media and can still chat online, but as far as physical contact goes, it might as well be nonexistent.

Each of these reasons alone would be enough to have you considering assisted living but when you experience two or more of them, you know it’s beyond the point of consideration. It’s time to become part of a vibrant community that will help you from day to day while giving you human companionship you have been lacking. Yes, it’s time.


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