5 Reasons to buy a Harness

Harness is a bold and trendy element of the wardrobe, which can now be found in the closet of almost every fashionista.

At its core, it does not carry any functionality, but nevertheless it is popular among girls and women of various styles and cultures. What’s the matter? Is this accessory worth looking into?

Reason 1. The changing essence of a woman

A woman is created in such a way that, by her nature, she always needs to change and improve something. This also applies to appearance and clothes. That is why the fashion industry is constantly looking for new designs and solutions for women.

The woman harness is able to diversify any item of your clothing, even the one that you are already tired of or out of fashion.

You can wear a belt made of thin leather straps over a top that has not been taken out of the closet for a year and it will please you with an original look. You can wear a strict classic harness over a white shirt or dress and highlight the dignity of your figure, add accents.

Now you are a stylish lady, and tomorrow you are a sexy harlot. You can be different with this accessory.

Reason 2. The ability to hide flaws and show advantages

Often when buying clothes, our expectations and reality differ. Therefore, of course, you must follow the rules for buying and wearing a leather harness. It suits thin girls with small breasts and narrow shoulders.

Legs garter beautifully emphasize slender legs, and short ones will make it even shorter.

However, for women with a large bust and overweight, you can pick up a set of harness, which will place accents where necessary (draw attention to the chest) and hide imperfections.

So, garters belt we advice to use with a corset that connects to a sconce or garter thigh. Of course, sexual harness is not an option for every day, but for a special occasion it will help you.

Reason 3. Harness – your assistant to be confident in your sexuality

Another reason to buy a leather belt is to show your femininity and sexuality to your partner.

Such an accessory will perfectly diversify your sex life, bring new notes into it, add passion. In the subconscious of many men, a woman in leather accessories is associated precisely with the goddess and warrior. Men want to serve such a woman, obey and please.

Wearing such a bold kink outfit, your own feeling will be different during sexual games. You will feel relaxed and excited. Once you try it, you want more.

Reason 4. Versatility and compatibility with any style

Harness refers to the universal elements of your image. It is combined with business classics, confident military, mysterious gothic, unpredictable punk, bold rock, casual casual.

The harness is worn by girls in offices and on walks with friends, on catwalks and streets, at themed events and BDSM parties. Its variations and color schemes are so diverse that you will definitely find the use of such a little thing. The main thing is to follow the rules and etiquette, combine with the right clothes and choose the right design linen clothes.

Reason 5. Great store with a wide range of leather accessories

Often we have an idea that it would be nice to add an interesting little thing to our wardrobe, but we do not know where it is better to buy it. We spend a lot of time googling and surfing the Internet and reading customer reviews, looking at photos and doubting.

So, our store is ready to help you with this and offers a wide range of belts from strict and classic women’s harness to BDSM harnesses, chokers, bondage lingerie, leather strap on harness, bunny bondage, and a variety of shameless jewelry.

We guarantee the high quality of leather and accessories, we manufacture according to your design and according to your individual parameters, we send it to all countries of the world.

We invite you to the online store


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