A Guide To The Rules And How To Play Cards

Card Game is a card game with a fairly simple gameplay and rules, that’s why it has attracted a lot of players. However, for those who are new to this game, they will also face many difficulties. To help players easily play this game, our bookie will guide you on the Rules of the Game and how to play cards. Everyone, please follow the article below

A brief introduction to the card game genre

Attack is a card game that appeared in Vietnam for a long time. This is an extremely easy card game to play, as long as players have quick thinking and reflexes, they can participate in playing this card game. To serve players who can easily play this game anytime, anywhere, the house Jun88 has developed and turned this game into an online card game.

Rules of playing cards

Before starting the game, players need to turn their cards carefully before dealing. It will then choose a random card to determine the suit during play. This trump card will block all cards of other suit even bigger than it. The trump card only loses to cards of the same suit. In the attack, the biggest playing card will be designated as the Ace

After dealing the cards, everyone will proceed to attack in a counter-clockwise direction. The first player will play whatever card he wants to play, the player who is attacked will use the higher card to block the cards that the attacker plays. During the game, the remaining houses can use larger cards to attack the person being attacked. If the player gets all the cards that the attacker plays and there are no more cards left, the game will end. If the person being attacked can’t handle the cards that other players have, they have to pick up all the cards

After each turn ends, the player will draw more cards for 8 cards to continue another attack. The order of drawing will start from the person who is attacked -> the person who is attacked -> the person to the right of the person who is attacked -> the other person. If the attacked player has to hold the card from the previous turn, the right to attack will belong to the player to the right of the attacker

The Law of the Side of Attack

  • Law of changing 2 hands: If in a game where a player has a 2 who is not the king of that hand, he will have the right to exchange his 2 for any other card of the game.
  • Law of offering: In the game, the loser of the previous game will have to offer the winner the biggest trump card in his deck. After that, the worshiper will draw 1 more card from the venom to have 8 cards to continue the game
  • Rule of Master Discharge: When playing a strong card without determining the main card, the game will be dealt again to find the main card.

Guide to Playing Cards

To be able to play this card game easily, players need to know how to play this card game. If you do not know how to play, please pay attention to our instructions below

Deciding large and small cards

Attack is a card game using a 52-card deck (not including the Joker). Each table usually has 2-4 players. The value of the cards in the attack will be determined as follows: 2 < 3 < 4 < 5 < 6 < 7 < 8 < 9 < 10 < J< Q < K < A

The chief suit will be chosen from the hands of the hand, the chief card will be greater than all cards of the other suit (even greater than ) and only smaller than the card of the same suit of greater value.

How to deal cards

When playing big cards, each player will be dealt 8 hands to attack, after dealing the cards will randomly draw a card to choose the best suit.

Choose the first to hit

During each deal, the player’s first card is turned over to determine the player to hit first. Whoever has the highest score wins first

Sorting skills

When playing big cards, you also need to have experience in arranging cards to avoid confusion during the game. You should put the main cards aside, and the remaining cards should be arranged in order from largest to smallest. That way, when you’re in trouble, you won’t be stalked, but you can easily block the cards that others play for you

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Factors to keep in mind when playing poker

Once you have a good understanding of how to play and the rules of the card game, you also need to keep a few things in mind while playing

  • When being attacked, you need to be very focused to be able to block the opponent’s cards, if you are held many cards, your chances of losing will be very high.
  • If you attack others, calculate properly so that the victim has difficulty with the cards you give. The more cards people are held, the higher your chances of winning
  • Calmly speculate on the situation and predict the possible possibilities with the cards you own
  • When you have a big or small hand, be calm and do not rush to let others hold your hand and will make your chances of winning more difficult. Therefore, consider to come up with a strategy to win quickly

Above is an article sharing about the rules of the game and how to play cards that we want to send to players at the Jun88 house. Hopefully with our useful sharing will help players win more when playing this card game


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