Cheap Packing & Car Shipping Options for Moving Out of State

Moving out of state can be an enormous task and can be intimidating. To ensure an easier experience, be sure to have a comprehensive strategy and budget in place before embarking on this adventure – the following article should get you started!

Auto Shipping

Step one in planning any move should be creating a budget. This should account for all costs related to anything from hiring an auto shipping company to packing materials. Sticking with your budget is key – otherwise you could end up spending more over time!

No matter if it is for work or to be closer to family, shipping your vehicle can be an economical and practical solution. Car transport allows you to avoid long distance driving stress while being cheaper than hiring someone else to transport your car for you. There are some steps that must be taken prior to shipping your car so it arrives safely at its new destination.

Start by clearing all personal belongings out of your vehicle – most transport companies won’t accept vehicles filled with items still inside them. Cleaning it also helps the driver assess its condition more accurately and may help minimize any risk to it or other vehicles during transportation.

Begin your car shipping journey by gathering quotes from multiple shipping companies. Compare their prices, services offered and terms of payment in order to find the most cost-effective offer. Understand their insurance coverage as well as deductible amounts; inquire if additional services such as temporary or long-term storage might be offered as part of this offering.

Most transport companies provide an estimated delivery window, with shorter windows available in highly populated areas than for remote ones. You should also obtain several cheap car shipping quotes and plan on being without your car for two weeks if shipping it across the country. Also ensure there is ample gas in its tank and extra keys available, and provide operating instructions if your vehicle is particularly complex to operate.

Truck Rental

Families looking to move out-of-state should prepare in advance. Planning ahead can reduce last-minute stress and save money by renting a truck instead of professional movers; this option may save money in both terms of time and cost savings. Before renting, however, keep these considerations in mind:

Finding a reliable rental truck service is also vitally important, which you can do by searching local companies online or asking friends and neighbors for referrals. Once you’ve done that, make sure you compare prices and reviews so that you find the best deal available to you.

If your budget is limited, renting a smaller vehicle instead of a full-sized moving truck could save money while providing enough room for all your belongings. Just be sure to rent one with enough fuel capacity – otherwise you risk getting stuck out in the middle of nowhere with a broken down vehicle!

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Portable Container

If you’re planning a move out of state and need to transport your car or other vehicle to its new destination, portable storage containers could be an ideal way to do it, but you need to be very cautious when doing so. Once delivered to your driveway or yard, these units allow for convenient loading at your own leisure before being collected by the company and either delivered directly to its new destination or stored until needed again.

These containers are usually constructed from metal or steel and come equipped with waterproof lids to safeguard your belongings from inclement weather. Cargo doors on one end allow access to all of your items while some models also include an internal ramp for easy loading/unloading of goods. These units make great options for clearing out garages, decluttering homes or emptying attics!

When selecting a storage container provider, always go with one with solid reviews and nationwide coverage. Certain businesses only operate within certain areas and cannot guarantee they’ll transport your container as planned; get quotes for both shipping and storage so as to not overpay.


Planning ahead can save a great deal of stress when packing for an out-of-state move. Start by creating a comprehensive list of all of the items you will need to pack, as this will allow you to assess how much space will be necessary in a moving truck or PODS container, and which size container would best meet your needs.

Next, place all of your most precious belongings – such as passports, medications, expensive jewelry and any important documents – into safe places that you will bring along during the move and alongside copies for safe keeping during transit. This way, your mind won’t be wandering off track during transit!

Packing supplies needed for an out-of-state move include boxes, packing paper, and packing cushion. You can either purchase these supplies at a local shipping or hardware store or ask retail stores if any free boxes they receive from shipments can be used as packing material. Strong tape and markers will come in handy for marking boxes as they move.


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