FFXIV: How to Unlock Pandaemonium and How the Loot System Works

Pandaemonium is out, and players are making the most out of the newest raid event in Final Fantasy XIV.

Endwalker proves to be FFXIV’s most popular and successful expansion so far. The expansion was such a hit that Square Enix had to stop and limit the sales of several expansion packs in their store. The decision to limit sales was to halt the influx of more players while they try to provide a solution to the problem. From outstanding storylines to gorgeous cinematics, Endwalker provides fans with a lot of meat to sink their teeth into. One of the biggest features to come out from the expansion is the Pandaemonium raid. Players have been patiently waiting for the new raid to come out that, when it came out, everyone just jumped straight into it to earn FFXIV Gil and loot rewards.

What is Endwalker?

Endwalker is the most recent expansion to come out for Final Fantasy XIV. The expansion features the culmination of the Warrior of Light’s epic story as players try to prevent the end of the world by battling the catastrophic Final Days. Square Enix’s bold move to end the main story of the game has been well-received by fans and critics alike. The story has been satisfying, and the ending Endwalker provided was nothing short of perfect. Gamers were able to receive wonderful rewards from fighting the former primal God Zodiark, the patron goddess Hydaelyn, and Meteion’s Endsinger form. Players with FFXIV account subscriptions are treated to tons of good content.

However, the expansion has not yet finished rolling out its new features. Some dungeons and raids are not yet released, and players are anxiously waiting for them to roll in the game. Pandaemonium is one of the most awaited raids in Final Fantay’s history due to its inclusion in the expansion as well as its challenging but rewarding battles. At the moment, only Pandaemonium’s first raid wing, Asphodelos, is available.

How to Unlock Pandaemonium’s Asphodelos?

Pandaemonium is Endwalker’s first raid series that features multiple raid wings. The first raid wings contain Asphodelos. This raid wing is divided into four stages called Circles which players will raid separately. These circles will contain bosses that will engage in single fights with raid parties. These fight sequences are similar to how players fought Endwalker’s Trial bosses, since players will also fight through multiple phases before they can kill each boss.

Before raiders can enter the Asphodelos, there are certain requirements they need to fulfill. Players will have to complete the main story sequence and reach level 90. After fulfilling these conditions, players will then have to complete several chronicles. Here’s how players can finish the questline to unlock the raid:

The Crystal from Beyond

  • The first quest for the chronicle quest can be accepted from Nemjiji in Old Sharlayan titled. To finish this quest, players must talk to Professor Claudien at Aporia in Labyrinthos.
  • Gamers will then have to teleport to The Crystarium to receive the quest from the Crystarium Gatekeep. Using the Ocular will trigger a quest scene, after which players will need to complete the full quest by talking to Themis.

Where Familiars Dare

  • The questline will start when players talk to Themis.
  • Players will then have to teleport to Anagorisis to speak with the Words of Lahabrea to trigger a cutscene.
  • Players will go back and speak to Themis. Then, they will have to teleport to Pandaemonium afterward.
  • After reaching Pandaemonium, quest goers will have to use the Duty Finder to enter the First Circle of Asphodelos and talk to Themis once again. This will unlock the First Circle for the raiders.

Under The Surface

  • Players will need to talk to Erichthonios at the gates of Pandaemonium.
  • After talking to Erichthonios, raiders can now use the Duty Finder to teleport to Asphodelos: Second Circle.
  • Players can now successfully unlock the Second Circle by talking to Erichthonios once again.

The Fires of Creation

  • The quest can be accepted by talking to Erichthonios at the Gates of Pandaemonium once again.
  • Using the Duty Finder, players can enter the Third Circle of Asphodelos to talk to Themis and unlock the third circle.

Who Wards the Warders

  • To start this sequence, players will need to talk to Themis at the Gates of Pandaemonium.
  • The quest will then require characters to talk to Erichthonios which will allow players to use the Duty Finder to enter the Fourth Circle of Asphodelos.
  • Afterwards, players will teleport to Aporia to speak with Claudien to trigger a cutscene, effectively unlocking the fourth circle.

Once all four circles are unlocked, raiders will have to clear all of them on normal mode to unlock Savage mode. Savage mode contains all the great rewards and tokens needed to unlock the Limbo Armor set.

How the Loot System in Pandaemonium Work

Players can earn lots of cool rewards from the raid bosses after defeating them. These rewards are also essential in unlocking the seven Limbo Armor sets. However, the rewards for the four circles cannot be received every time. Once players accept or confirm their loot in one circle, they cannot receive any more rewards from that specific section for a week. Raiders can only receive rewards from all the circles again once the week resets.

There is also a feature where raiders can get more chests depending on how many party members have not yet received any reward on the current circle they are fighting. Here is how to receive more chest rewards:

  • If all eight party members have not cleared a fight for the specific week, all members can receive two rewards chests.
  • If one to four party members have cleared the fight for that week, raiders can only receive one reward chest.
  • If more than four party members have already cleared the fight, no reward chests will appear.
  • Raid parties have to clear all fights to be eligible for rewards. Raiders must not skip any fights and clear all battles in order to avoid missing out on the rewards.

Any player who wishes to raid Pandaemonium should prepare beforehand as the bosses in the four circles are challenging and unforgiving. Entering the raid under-geared will significantly lower the chances of survival. However, those who can clear the raids can receive tons of great loot like FFXIV Gil and tokens to exchange for the Pandaemonium armor set. It’s time to go out with some raid parties and receive those rewards!


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