Is it Possible to Lay AstroTurf on Decking?

Yes, fake grass may be installed on decks. It’s a popular choice among families and retirees. It is also suitable for households with dogs or other pets.

It does need an underlay and some preparation, but it is still an appealing and cost-effective landscaping choice.


If your decking is damaged or discoloured, fake grass may be used to repair it. Installing synthetic grass on your deck eliminates the need to repair, treat, and seal your deck indefinitely. Give your new grass an occasional hoover or a quick scrub to eliminate dirt. This is great for households with pets.


You will also save money on outdoor space upkeep. Deck paint and sealer may be costly and time-consuming to apply. Instead, add some artificial grass to your outside space to liven it up. You may enjoy spending time in your yard without making all of the efforts!


Step 1: Begin by putting down some boards. This will prevent the grass from growing into the crevices between the decking panels and causing ridges.

Step 2: Apply and secure an underlayment product like our performance pad.

Step 3: Spread the grass over the now-clean and level surface. Allow 50mm of grass to be cut out on either side of the area to produce a precise edge. Allow the grass to rest overnight to prevent wrinkling or creasing.

Step 4: Cut and trim your fake grass using a sharp Stanley knife. Make careful to clip the grass neatly to the decking’s edges.

Step 5: Use high-quality outdoor tape and glue to form the joints. Follow the product’s directions. To secure the grass to decking, use a mix of glue and carpet tacks.

Artificial grass is ideal for covering decks. It’s simple to lay, looks wonderful, and addresses various issues for busy families. Furthermore, it is advantageous for modifying her yard and decreasing the inconvenience of natural grass. It solves the dirt, upkeep, and marking issues associated with artificial grass and saves money.


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