Minecraft Survival Mode Tips That Make You An Pro

Minecraft is a hugely prevalent and profitable video game. Mojang created this sandbox video game. Minecraft is the most-selling video game, having 200 million copies sold and 126 million active users monthly. The game gets created in the Java programming language by Markus “Notch” Persson.

There is a survival mode in which players must gather resources to create the environment. and regain health. Various survival strategies you should keep in mind if you want to become a Minecraft pro. With this list, we’ve got you covered. These topics are not in any particular sequence, yet each is essential if you want to live and grow in minecraft servers.

You will require a watch or a compass:

Everyone should be aware of this scam. Often not using the clocks and compasses but taking up inventory space and consuming resources. Instead of making them, go to your crafting recipes, and the clock and compass will function without crafting.

Capture villagers when crossing:

It may appear to be harsh. However, if you want to locate locals to trade with, capturing them will keep them from wandering or being murdered, and some of the ways they achieve this include walling the town or locking the doors of the houses while the residents sleep. It seems you’re only protecting them from zombies!

Keep an eye on your tools’ durability:

It’s always frustrating when you’re mining and your final pickaxe breaks. Or when you’re attempting to fight down a horde of zombies, your sword or elytra shatters when flying in your World. Remember that repairing broken equipment is less expensive than purchasing new ones.

Underground Safety:

Caves are both resourceful and hazardous. Always use flares to illuminate regions, maintain a weapon in your Hotbar, and always wear armor. A shield is always a good idea if you want to take extra measures.

Always keep a bucket of water on hand:

In Minecraft, you should always carry a bucket of water with you, if it’s descending a gorge, walking on lava, or avoiding a massive fall. Water buckets are valuable pieces of equipment to have on hand.

Make use of the coordinates function:

In the minecraft servers settings, enable the coordinates. Sit down with a notebook or snap screenshots of significant spots while playing, so you know their coordinates and can return if required. These landmarks might be your primary base, a city, a fortress, or any other structure you desire to return.

Make your work more automated:

We know how to use the machines to sort your stuff. But it isn’t all. You may manage auto farms, item foundries, and many other things! It simplifies your job and is an excellent asset to have in your life.

Storage Battles:

A well-organized storage system will boost your productivity and make your life in Minecraft much easier. Keep your mining gear close to your mines, your food apart from your timber, and if you’re excellent at Redstone, you can even develop machines that sort your stuff.


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