What Is Game Development and What Are Its Professions

With the evolution of technology comes many CGI opportunities in movie and game development. It is much easier to depict fictional characters and environments with the amount of software we have. In this article, we will be talking about game development. You will learn about its branches and professions. We will also tell you what kind of software is usually used in game development and how to become a developer.

What Is Game Development

Game development is the process of creating games. Each big company often specializes in different game genres, such as casual games, arcades, first-person shooters, action-adventures, and others. To make the game, you need not only programmers and designers, but also producers and publishers.

The more people work on the product, the more chances of it becoming successful. The marketing team can advertise the game, designers can make the game look fascinating, and programmers can apply realistic physics and AI actions for an immersive experience.

How to Develop the Game?

The company has to work on many aspects to create a successful project. You will have to develop a plan and assign people to the required task. It is important to find designers that can work on game dialogs, tasks, and interfaces.

Professional 3D artists should know how to make a model of a particular object or character. Quality models will attract more players to the game. Among these requirements, you will need to advertise your game. You can do it with game trailers, ask popular influencers to spread the word about the product, or you can make a website.

How Many Professions Are There in Game Development?

It is recommended to have a large team to make a game, so there are a bunch of professions that can be useful.

  • Producer. The producer is responsible for scheduling and project details. They can bring people together and assign different work to them.
  • Publisher. The publisher is responsible not only for manufacturing but also for marketing and advertising.
  • Programmer. Programmers work with AI, sound integration, and scripting. It is important to make realistic physics and object movement.
  • 3D artist. Such artists create 3D environments and objects.
  • Game character designer. Designers work on different characters and their appearances.

3D artists and game character designers play a significant role in game development because game success often depends on the models, environment, and characters they will make.

Famous 3D Artists and Game Character Designers

3D artists are people who create three-dimensional worlds. These people can specialize in many fields. For instance, environmental artists, 3D modelers, animators, etc. Environmental artists can create the surroundings and make them look real. Modelers often create game models, such as chairs, doors, cups, and other assets. Famous 3D artists know how to work in many 3D areas.

Game character designer needs to be efficient in sculpting. 3D character creation requires you to create a model with distinguishable face features. However, the creation does not stop at that. It is necessary to make a suitable outfit and work on character postures. Concept artists draw a few options. It is easier to understand what the character will look like.

How to Become a Game Character Designer?

If you want to create characters, you will have to learn the basic tools of the software you will use. It is important to practice doing something easy for muscle memory. After you are familiar with the basics, it is important to learn sculpting. You will need to understand how and when to use all the brushes that are available in the software.

What Software to Use?

Game development industry comes up with new software almost every year. You can find applications that will suit your needs. To work with 2D graphics, Spine would be one of the best choices. The software offers a one-time purchase. If you need more features, you can additionally purchase the Professional version for big projects.

If you work in a 3D workspace, there are also a few options available. For creation of environmental design and game assets, you can use Blender. It is a professional software that allows you to use many tools. Blender is also free to download.

For game character design, Zbrush is one of the best apps. It has a number of brushes. The software is perfect for character creation because it supports a polycount of 20 million particles. This opportunity allows working with heavy sculpting.


As you can see, the game development field is full of various vacations and requires more and more professionals. 3D artists and game character designers play a significant role in game development. They work on the game world for the visuals to be gripping, and players could spend hours playing it.


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