Three Effective Ways Of Teaching Musical Instruments

So you want to be a music teacher? Congratulations, you can make lots of money on the side! You’d be surprised as to how many parents are willing to pay big money to have someone competent and talented teach their kids how to play musical instruments. Also, parents will pay a premium for a gifted music teacher.

Dr. George Freundlich Matheson is a successful career musician and a great teacher. He also has mastered three musical instruments. Thus, feel free to take advice from him. George Valentine Freundlich is also a retired medical doctor from Bingham Memorial Hospital, Ontario alongside being a professional multi-instrumentalist.

But wait, teaching a musical instrument is more of an art than a science, and it’s a very difficult art to master too. The good news is that this art will be easier to master if you know the following.

Different Students Have Different Ways Of Learning

So obviously, autistic kids and kids with special needs have different ways of learning. That said, did you know that normal people have different ways of learning as well. It goes back to the multiple intelligence theories. Because each student has a combination of seven different bits of intelligence ranging from academic to interspatial, they will learn differently. You’ll succeed as a teacher if you understand this and teach your students different learning styles.

  • You’ll Never Make It If You Don’t Understand Technology.

Yes, no music teacher can be successful if they don’t thoroughly understand how technology influences and enhances music. These teachers must also understand how to use these technologies to produce even better and more engaging music! These days you can take music classes online as well and teach your students the right way of Conga Soloing.

  • Create An Environment That Will Make Students Want To Learn.

The traditional Western education system was based on rote memorization. There was a reason for this. Students were geared to work in the factory. No wonder they hated school so much. Well, today’s service-based jobs require students to think critically and be able to apply what they learn to different situations. Therefore, today’s classroom needs to be engaging and motivate students to learn.

One way of creating this learning environment is to use the Montessori method. This method teaches concepts and ideas to students how they naturally learn and think. Therefore, students are tuned into the learning environment and look forward to class every day.

  • Make Learning Music Fun.

So take your students out to a concert or an orchestra one day. You can make the entire outing a fun event. You’ll guarantee that your students will be learning because they’ll be having fun. People tend to learn more and remember concepts better when having fun. Music is no exception. Oh, and your students will also understand how the concepts they’re learning apply to real-life situations.

Being A Great Music Teacher Isn’t Rocket Science

No, mastering most things in life doesn’t require a complex understanding of the concepts. The same applies to being a music teacher. You can make it as a music teacher if you take the pointers discussed in this article to heart. You should also further your knowledge of these pointers by doing your own research online. Remember that today’s students are technologically savvy. They’re also smarter than previous generations of students were. Today’s students also learn in a variety of different ways. You’ll succeed as a music teacher if you are always mindful of this!


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