Top 7 High Quality and Best Rehabs in South Africa

South Africa possesses unmatchable natural beauty and diverse experiences that help you relax and enjoy life. Rehabs of South Africa provide treatment for addiction and mental health with a number of programs combined with experiences and weather that is quite conducive for good mental health. Some of Rehab Centre even use African safari as it is exhilarating adventure which deeply benefits recovery process.

Clients from all over the world especially European countries choose the Rehab Centre of South Africa as its centers offer high quality treatments using its immense natural beauty and one-of-a-kind excursions at an affordable price. It provides different sets of treatment like Partial hospitalization programs (PHPs) and intensive outpatient programs (IOPs) and even experimental therapies.

Rehab helper provides the assistance in finding the best Rehab South Africa centre. At least 15% of the countries have drug addiction and 31% of the age above 15 has alcohol addiction.

Best Rehab Centres in South Africa Providing High Quality Services:

1) White River Manor

While River Manor Wellness center is ideal for finding successful recovery, they give results by integrating elements of different therapies music, psychodynamics, focus on mindfulness and solution. This helps improving psychology, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of addiction. The center has Wi-Fi and video conferencing facilities to make its client in touch with family and business. Mostly the client has to stay between 28 to 120 days depending on their needs.

Located just a few miles from Kruger National Park and nestled inside a 100-year-old garden combines the natural beauty of South Africa with all amenities of luxury western resort with all-inclusive pricing starting at $13, 750 USD a month.

It was founded in 2015 giving 1 on 1 counselling and giving specialization treatments to professionals, substance abuse, co-occurring disorders, burn out and stress and executive treatment.

2) Stepping stones Rehab Centre

This is Rehab South Africa center located in seaside village of Cape Town, helping people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction and co-occurring disorders. It has dedicated staff of psychiatrists, psychologists, occupational therapists, social workers, pharmacists, and nurses. Providing therapies based on combination of experimental, family, group and holistic.

It offers treatment for period of 1-3 months at the starting range of $3,810 per month.

3) Compass Treatment Centre

This rehab center welcomes the client with whole new chapter of journey of recovery from habit of drugs and alcohol. It is situated in Sedge field, western cape of South Africa. It offers addiction treatment 30 days program starting rate of $ 4,800 per month. It was founded in 2020.

4) The Haven Journey Recovery and wellness center

This Center was founded in 2019. It gives treatment by focusing on compassion, love and care for those struggling with substance abuse and dual diagnosis. It heals in holistic way, including group and individual sessions, art and yoga therapy.

The center is centrally located in Johannesburg and is registered with South African departments of Health and social development and accepts some insurance. It recommends a client to stay for 90 days with starting range of R 58000 per month.

5) Twin Rivers Rehab

The Rehab treats clients struggling with alcohol, drug, , gambling, internet, sexual addictions, eating disorders, steroid abuse and co-occurring mental health issues. The rehab uses cognitive behavioral therapy, spiritual emphasis, and 12 step program, detox and residential program. They take their clients on outings in local area to explore.

It is a residential home in Plettenberg bay, South Africa accepting medical aid. Here stays can last between 30 to 180 days and can cast around $ 10.000 to 25.000 US dollars. It was founded in 2011

6) Rustenburg Addiction Care

Its program consists of group and individual counselling, written work and psycho educational lectures. They work by having sessions with clients asking to look at psychological, family and childhood trauma that can contribute to addictions. They give treatments to clients to practice returning to work, family life and recreations.

The center has two swimming pools, basketball court, volleyball court, Soccer area a gym and an outdoor aerobic fitness program. They take clients to weekend outings to different destinations around the cape Peninsula and even local malls

The Center is located in Somerset west, Western Cape of South Africa and it offers 4 to 8 weeks of stay with starting cost of R 450000 per month. It was founded in 2012.

7) The way Recovery

This Rehab Africa center focuses on treating addiction by engaging client in a variety of therapeutic interventions like counselling, life coaching, occupational, group therapies through specialist workers. It provides caring staff and therapeutic community within comfortable accommodations surrounded by lush gardens and an on-site pool. It transforms the life of addicted person by engaging them in their day to day works.

It is situated in Waterkloof, Petoria in South Africa that offers the stay of around 28 days with starting cost of $35,000. It was founded in 2017.


Listed above are the best rehabs in South Africa providing high quality services. Rehab Centre provides treatment under the guidance of a qualified therapist and can range from creative expression through music and art to physical or adventurous activities involving interaction with nature.

Rehab helper schedule an Admission in one of the best Rehab South Africa centre and begin treatment in safe, supervised environment. It helps you discovering a life worth living free of addictions. They provide helpline number and are ready to help 24/7…


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