4 Ways to Treat and Look After Your Puppy in Hot Weather

With temperatures increasing across the globe, heatwaves becoming more frequent, and rainfall less predictable, everybody needs to play their part in looking after the plants and animals that are unaccustomed to the changing weather.

As anybody with a puppy will know, dogs and their endless energy levels and desire to play are exactly the types of animals that need care and attention in the hot weather.

  1. Fresh water throughout the day

The first and most simple step for looking after your puppy in the hot weather is to ensure that it has a constant supply of fresh, cold water throughout the day. While water companies often call for a limit on water usage during hot spells – an increase in people running paddling pools, watering plants, and drinking water can sometimes cause a fall in water pressure or even a water shortage – an essential use for tap water is keeping dogs hydrated.

Keep your puppy’s water bowl in the shade so that the water stays cool and isn’t lost to evaporation. This will also encourage your puppy to stay indoors and out of direct sunlight.

  1. Walks only in early morning and evening

How far a dog can walk could change in hot weather as, with lower energy levels, they are not as keen on walking or running long distances. When you walk your dog, measure how far they want to walk judging by their pace – if they are slowing down earlier than usual on your normal daily walk, it could be because they’re too hot and tired to complete it. Check average high and low temperatures in your area to find the best time to walk (usually in the morning or evening), and don’t walk as far next time.

  1. Pet-safe sunscreen

You will no doubt already be reapplying your own sunscreen every two hours if it is necessary for you to be out in the sun, but what many dog owners might not realize is that they can also use sunscreen on their pets. Find a pet-friendly sunscreen – ideally one that is waterproof, for if your puppy fancies a swim to cool down and unscented – and apply to your puppy as directed on the packaging.

  1. Nutritious food and snacks

Just because it is sunny does not mean that your puppy doesn’t deserve to be treated with delicious meals and snacks. If the hot weather has got your dog in a bit of a sulk, perk them up with treats from a nutritional pet food supplier to make sure they’re getting the vitamins and energy they need to deal with the rising temperatures.

Even better than your usual treats, why not cool your puppy down with some dog-friendly ice cream? Quality pet food suppliers will stock iced snacks for dogs, or you can search on the internet to find out how to make these at home – though store or online bought tubs are much easier to deal with when you are almost certainly getting hot and bothered by the weather yourself.


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