Everything You Need to Know: Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

For women, menopause is a natural-and guaranteed-part of life. But this doesn’t mean it is easy or pleasant. Symptoms can range from uncomfortable to debilitating.

Issues such as hot flashes affect 75% of menopausal women. For those who suffer from severe symptoms, hormone replacement therapy is often recommended.

This guide aims to explain a little more about what hormone replacement therapy is and who can benefit from it. It will also look at different options available such as bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Read on to find out more about this life-changing treatment and whether it could be right for you and your body.

What Does Menopause Mean for Your Body?

Menopause is the name for the change a woman goes through when her reproductive years are coming to an end. It usually begins anywhere between the ages of 40 and 58. However, certain medical conditions or medical procedures can bring on early onset menopause.

Menopause has a number of common symptoms. These include things such as hot flashes, vaginal dryness, night sweats, brain fog, reduced libido, and mood swings. Some rarer symptoms include tinnitus, body odor, gum disease, and reduced spatial awareness.

Who Can Benefit from Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Hormone replacement therapy is recommended for those suffering from severe symptoms of menopause. For some women, hot flashes and trouble sleeping can cause great discomfort. Many of the symptoms associated with menopause are unpleasant and uncomfortable for women.

Hormone replacement therapy was first offered to women in the 1940s. But it was not popularized until the 1960s and onwards. Today, it is prescribed to less than half of all women with menopausal symptoms.

Bioidentical Hormone vs Synthetic Hormone

If you do decide that you could benefit from hormone replacement therapy, there are different types that are available to you. Until recently, this was not the case.

Advances in science have brought about a new type of hormone replacement therapy. Many are praising it as better than the traditional version.

Synthetic vs bioidentical hormones, what’s the difference exactly? Synthetic hormones, as the name suggests, are hormones that are produced in labs, synthesized by scientists using urine from pregnant female horses. There is much debate about whether these types of hormones are damaging to women’s bodies.

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In contrast, bioidentical hormones are made up of an identical chemical structure to that of the female body. They are created using natural substances.

Research suggests that they may be more suited to women seeking this type of treatment. Women taking bioidentical hormones tend to report fewer side effects than those taking the synthetic type.

Hormone Replacement Therapy: Could It Be Right for You?

Many suffer from symptoms of menopause but have reservations about having hormone replacement therapy because of the possible side effects. If you relate to this, a bioidentical hormone treatment could be a good solution.

Speak to a medical professional to learn more about the possible risks and advantages. If you’ve found this guide helpful, check out the rest of our health content.

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