How to Stage Your House to Sell Fast

Staging your house is one of the most overlooked steps when it comes to selling fast. Your house needs to impress buyers to make the sale easier. It’s also a crucial step if you want to sell at the right price.

You might be looking for ways to get your house off the market quickly. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about how to stage your house to sell fast.

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Declutter First

Getting rid of clutter reduces distractions which helps potential buyers focus on the created space. It also means creating more space in your home. A tidy and organized space can uplift your home by making it more attractive.

Start by removing the objects lying around in your living room. Also, put away frequently used toys, books and items that make the rooms messier. The goal is to keep all spaces and surfaces empty and clean.

Think of other spaces or storage that visitors may want to see. Kitchen cabinets, drawers and closets should be empty. You can donate or give out excess clothing or pack them and leave the closets empty. This step will come in handy when you move after the sale.

Improve Outdoors and Entryways

You should invest in staging the outdoors unless you find a realtor who will buy houses for cash. One of the areas you will want to start with is the outdoors and the entryways. These areas are the first ones visitors will see so the impression they create can make a lot of difference.

Exteriors usually determine whether visitors will want to see the interiors. Upgrading them is one of the key factors to selling your home quickly. A great curb appeal gives you an edge over other home sellers.

Trim the hedges, lawns and all trees neatly. Dig around to get rid of any weeds and uplift the landscape. Wash the exteriors like windows and do wall brushing or painting to renew your walls.

Clean the walkways and remove all the dying flowers and plants. Reorganize the healthy potted plants to fill the space left by the few dead plants. You want to sell your fast so consider fast growers if you’re adding new flowers.

Do a Deep Clean

Nothing ruins a speedy home sale quicker than dust, grime and clutter. Stained walls or floors might signal property neglect to potential buyers.

After decluttering, set aside a day or two for deep cleaning. Dust and vacuum all the hard-to-reach surfaces such as HVACs, windows, fixtures and cabinet tops. Also, get rid of stains on carpets, couches, and furniture.

Make sure all kitchen surfaces and the sink are spotless. For the toilet, white grout the walls to give it a better appearance. Clean the toilet and don’t forget the base and the area behind it. Most homebuyers pay a lot of attention to the state of the kitchen and the bathroom.

Depersonalize the Space

Your home typically aligns with your personal life and preferences. Family photos, religious items, wall art, wallpapers or keepsakes all show who you’re as a person. Leaving them around might have a negative impact on the sale.

You want buyers to feel comfortable and free to envision themselves in “their” home. So consider putting away anything personal. Live the space as plain to create a newish feeling when you stage your house.

Focus on Main Rooms

Time never feels like it’s on your side when you want to stage your house and sell fast. Giving proper attention to all the rooms consumes a lot of time. A quick sale is more likely when you focus staging on the main rooms.

Potential buyers are likely to focus on the living room, bathroom, kitchen and master bedroom. Dedicate more time to preparing these rooms for staging.

If you have idle space in the main rooms, consider defining its purpose. Make sure that every space appears useful to the buyer. For instance, create a corner reading nook or a home office in the attic.

Take Care of Renovations

If your house is in great shape, then nothing stops you from selling it quickly. But most properties need several renovations before listing for quick sale. You need to audit your house for repairs, renovations and upgrades before staging. Check for flooring, painting, cabinets or roofing that may need fixing.

Cleaning and then wiping interior walls is sometimes enough for uplifting oil-paint walls. However, try not to take the shortcut routes too much. Repaint if the old painting is wearing out and fix cracks in the home versus patching them up.

Rearrange Furniture

Furniture needs to match the room as well as support the staging intention. You have to place the right furniture in the suitable rooms. A poor arrangement may affect the spacing and lower the room’s appeal.

Use smaller furniture to create an illusion of ample space. Place it near the center to ease movement around the living room and make the space feel cozy. Make sure your furniture is quality, tidy and inviting.

Consider rental furniture to stage your house. It’s an affordable and temporary solution for a quick property sale. You don’t want to spend on new furniture when you want to keep your costs low.

Maximize Lighting

An airy, well-lit space boosts interiors and livens up your home. It encourages people to walk around and explore the house. So, maximizing both natural and artificial lighting can help you sell your house fast.

Your home might be well fitted with artificial lighting. But for a quick sale, a few additions can help bring out more features or improve aesthetics. Highlight dark corners with taller lamps or use identical lamps for consistency.

How to Stage Your House to Sell Fast

Learning how to stage your house to sell can speed up your process of getting the home off the market. One of the most important parts is making sure the home is clean and up-to-date.

Focus on giving potential buyers a chance to visualize themselves living in the space. Putting this intention behind your staging can make a big difference. For more tips on selling homes and other real estate related topics, check out the rest of our blog.


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