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Lost Ark December Update Will Drop in Two Parts

Lost Ark will have a major update in December. The developers have confirmed that the update is so big that it must be released in two parts. Players are excited to see the new content and changes to be added to the game as it has risen in popularity over the last few months. With so many updates to be added to the game, the whole community is eager to play, especially considering that the update includes new challenges and gear enhancement systems. Not to mention the addition of an entirely new continent.

So, let’s take a deep dive into what we can expect to see for Lost Ark during December.

Lost Ark December Update

This month’s endgame updates for Lost Ark will be one of the most major updates to the game in a while. The community has been waiting eagerly for the new content drop, and with the developers teasing the updates for a while, excitement is at an all-time high. These updates include new lands to explore in a brand-new continent named Voldis. There will also be new seasonal events. So, if you’re a part of the Lost Ark community, be prepared with enough resources and Lost Ark gold to be able to experience the new content without a hitch. You can find Lost Ark gold here, at the best prices. U7BUY stands out as a reliable source for Lost Ark gold for sale, offering a convenient and secure platform for players to bolster their in-game wealth.

Voldis Wonderland – December 13

The first update on 13 December will introduce the new continent of Voldis, which will have an entrance Item Level of 1520 and above. This is known as “the land of sages and alchemy”, so expect to see much magical alchemy here. It will also have the new and impressive city of Kalinar which is located at the mouth of the river Ketsla. This will be a busy city with tourists everywhere looking for advice from famous sages. There will be lots of Homunculi running around helping the sages with their errands.

The city is filled with secrets about alchemy and well-respected sages. These wise people will play an important role in the world, especially with the return of the Chaos Guardians. So it is impervious to ask for assistance from the sages of Kalinar for the war.

Screenshot 6

The rest of the continent outside the city will be filled with giant trees and forests. These fall inside the Great Rainforest, which is filled with secrets and mystery. There are deadly monsters within these woods, so make sure you’re kitted up before heading inside. There are the Raiyas, who are the people of the Forest, who can help players in the adventures. They play an especially major role in helping players get into the Sage’s Tower and progress the story. There will also be some epilogue quests after the end of the story, not to mention the Adventurers Tome.

Additionally, the update will contain the Gargadeth Guardian Raid, Proving Grounds Season 4, and a brand-new seasonal event.

Endgame Update – December 20

The next update on 20 December will consist of a new Abyssal Dungeon and the new Elixir system. Details about these are mentioned below:

The newest Abyssal Dungeon is the Ivory Tower. This will be located in the new continent of Voldis. There will be 4 gates. The entrance Item Level for Normal difficulty is 1600, and for Hard, it is 1620. Rewards for this dungeon include new Honing Materials, such as Refined Obliteration Stones, Honor Shards, Radiant Honor Leapstones, and much more. There will also be other hidden rewards.

Screenshot 7

The new Elixir system aims to increase player’s abilities in combat. Players can now imbue powerful effects to their gear to make them more effective. The elixirs can be obtained by completing the Ivory Tower Abyssal Dungeon. The Normal mode will reward Epic elixirs, and the Hard mode will reward the Legendary ones. After obtaining them, players will have to refine them before imbuing them onto a piece of gear.

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