OSRS Shattered Relics League – What We Know

Shattered Relics league aims to be the most ambitious league on OSRS. What skills should you train first to succeed?

With Shattered Relics League officially coming out on January 19, it’s time to get ready for the most exciting and hyped league event ever to grace the face of Gielinor.

Shattered Relics League is set to be the third league in OSRS.

What is an OSRS league?

Players are basically ironmen: they start without any items or stats in a different world, which won’t affect the permanent OSRS servers. What happens in a league stays in that league, meaning that any rewards or progress doesn’t carry over to the next except for league-to-league rewards. Shattered Relics will only last from January 19, 2022, to March 2, 2022, meaning it’s the shortest league ever, available only for six weeks. Shattered Relics will revolve around adventure, collection, and expanding on the lore of the league game mode.

What skills are available?

Accounts will only start with three unlocked skills chosen by the game. All players will begin with the same skills. These skills will be Fishing, Defense, Thieving, and combat skill. Without cooking unlocked from the get-go, players should prioritize cooking and prayer as soon as they can earn enough points to unlock them. Farming for OSRS gold is one of the best ways to rank higher in the league, as it’ll allow you to purchase weapons and skilling items to level up your other skills fast. As you level up your skills, you’ll obtain more options for farming OSRS gold, rinse and repeat. Being similar to ironman mode, trade is restricted in leagues. You can also buy OSRS gold in the permanent game mode instead of the league to skip this altogether.

What’s new in Shattered Relics?

Minigames and bosses must be unlocked with special points obtained in the gameplay.

Wilderness bosses are open season, but raids will be locked. This is so players can strategize and develop their paths of skilling.

The exp rate in Leagues 3 will be five times the usual rate, just like in previous leagues, so don’t worry about not having enough time to level up your character. Given the temporary trait of leagues, it takes considerably less time to do so.

The relic fragments scattered throughout the map contain their own buffs, but they can also create powerful effects. Fragments have one base effect and 2 set effects which can be combined with similar set effects for an even stronger buff. Relic fragments can also be leveled as if they were a skill simply by equipping them while gaining any experience, buffing their already useful boons to increased levels.

These effects can be great for leveling up attack skills, such as the Unholy Warrior, Wizard, and Ranger fragments. These increase melee, magic, or ranged accuracy by a percentage when you have 0 prayer points left.

It’s easier to farm for OSRS gold yourself than to buy OSRS gold in a league, though you can still purchase OSRS accounts for sale to start your league adventure on the right foot in case you don’t have one yourself. Since the league is played in a different world, players can’t be on the permanent OSRS while also playing Shattered Relics, and since rewards don’t carry over, it might seem like a waste of skilling time for some.

Purchasing an OSRS account for sale will allow you to focus one on the league game modes while also playing with your main account simultaneously, allowing you to skill and farm for OSRS gold on both at the same time.

What are the rewards?

The weapon Variety Pack is among the most exciting rewards available for Shattered Relics. This is basically a skin for six of the most commonly used high-level items in OSRS: the Abyssal Whip, Abyssal Tentacle, Rune Crossbow, God Books & Mystic Robes. It also comes with an ornament kit to override the design of the dwarf multi cannon.

If you want to rehash the old-school look of your character for a more mystic visage, these rewards will appeal to you. They’ll also include cosmetic changes to the Void & Elite Void sets. Of course, all of these items are relatively high-level, and to fully reap the rewards, it’s better to purchase an OSRS account for sale. OSRS items for sale make things even easier, allowing you to turn your Abyssal Weapons and God Books into nifty-looking aura imbued items.

Players can also obtain league trophies to be displayed in the League Hall in their POH.

Final words

OSRS Leagues are a fantastic game mode to explore OSRS through different lenses and restrictions, forcing players to develop unique strategies, prioritize some skills over others and join the race for resources.

Don’t miss out on Shattered Relics League and stay up to date with us on the best guides to make your League experience smooth and enjoyable.


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